Jacks Bay Cove, Bahamas

Splashing waves

I am sure you have heard the phrase Far..far..away behind the cliffs sets a secret hidden pond or some may call it a beach.  With her high banks that surrounds her and only a small inlet from the North that allows the water to rush in.  As the North wind blows strong and splashes her angry waves upon the bank, she creates beautiful sandstone cliffs.  The trail; well, let’s just say there wasn’t much of a trail to follow; but you could see signs of the old markers laying on the over grown path.

Our view as we dropped anchor.   We anchored a few hundred feet from shore.


This young couple rented this sailboat in George Town. They carry the gear and camp on different Islands.


After reaching the shoreline, we thought we found a path to the hidden pond. But we turned around because the brush was too thick. We needed a machete to continue.


Bryce found another path this time he is using a stick to mark our way.


We are getting closer the view is getting even more spectacular.  We start to see the ragged coast on the Atlantic side.


We made it! the white caps are rolling in from the north.


Look at the pink crystals they create the pinkish looking sand.


Sheila and I climbed to the top of this coral bluff to view the churning Atlantic.


The view was fabulous.. The Atlantic  was a bit bumpy…


Her rollers came in crashing themselves against the hard surface of the coral on their way through the small inlet in to the pond.


On the Atlantic side the waves were breaking.  Only 400 feet to the west where we were anchored, there were no waves.


You can see the inlet with the water rolling in.


Sheila is walking along the cliffs of the sandstone.  One miss-step, shark bait..


Bryce found himself a overhang to perch on just over the inlet. I’m sure glad it didn’t break off.


Sheila noticed the reddish beak bird It’s an American Oystercatcher.


Blackpoint, Bahamas, South beach.

We moved the boat a bit north towards Blackpoint and anchored off this beach.  We saw a Bahamas hermit crab enjoying a walk on the beach.


Low tide shows the ripples of the water on the shoreline of the beach.


Beauty is on the left at her new anchorage near Blackpoint.


Sheila and I enjoying a walk on the beach


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