Black Point, Staniel Cay, Warderick Wells and Norman’s Cay

Well, seems like I have been neglecting you. However a lot has been happening on this boat of ours. I need to back up a week or so. We arrived at Black Point. It’s kind of funny when you think about it. We anchored in three different areas near Black Point before we settled in. It all depends on the directions of the winds where we anchor. Well after a full day on shore we headed back to Beauty. The winds were howling once again. Nearing 2:30 a.m I heard Bryce waking me up. He asked for my help the dinghy was pushed into the jet ski hoist, put a hole in one tube and flipped over onto it’s side. Yes, the motor was submerged under the dinghy. You know you just have to go with the flow. LOL

Bryce noticed this dark spot near our boat. It was just an old log.  Bryce does not need a mask, he opens his eyes under water.  Salt water has no effect on him.


I went into Lorraine’s and picked up two loaves of bread: coconut and raisin.  They were both delicious.


Later that night, we enjoyed the company of many other cruisers at Scorpio’s.  Everyone knew us because of the bola that was sent out about us.. We have been quite famous in the Bahamas because of it.


The man on the far right is our friend Dominic From Canada.  His wife is Adrianne.  Bryce just called her “Angel”.


Okay maybe I enjoyed the night a bit to much…LOL Hello MC Smile  She is from a Cat..


Early morning we were finally able to see to pull the dingy out of the water. She had about a three inch slice in her. I searched and searched and we did not have a dinghy patch kit. Bryce took the jet ski into the dock to walk to the hardware store; but no patch kit was to be found.  Actually, we only needed PVC glue.


In the mean time Bryce had to try to save our 3.5 horse motor from her overdose of salt water.   Fuel tank had water, crankcase had water, combustion chamber had water.


Staniel Cay

Well, we decided to head over to Staniel Cay and introduced Sheila to the swimming pigs.

We watched two people head over towards us on stand up boards from this Carver: Kelley, Mike. Come to find out  they were from Michigan too. The funny thing is they are from Harrison Twp. That is where we stored Beauty for the winter.  It’s a small world.


What a pretty anchorage.


We were being stalked by not one but three Nurse sharks. They are found in shallow coastal water and are nonaggressive so they say. Typically they rest on the bottom of the sea floor during the day. But for some reason they were enjoying their morning swim around us.  Earlier, Bryce was snorkeling and brought up a pair of scissors and a knife.  Both stainless, so the were in great shape.


I can not say thank you enough to this awesome family. Mike and Kelly were enjoying a morning of exercising on their stand up boards. Remember I told you about them. Anyways; during our conversation, I mentioned that we needed PVC cement for the dinghy.  Guess what? They had an extra one.  Thank you all so much. Colin, Hayley and Tobin are their three children. They were all headed over to snorkel in the James Bond Grotto. 


Bryce and I later jet-skied to the grotto and snorkeled into it.  It is the first time in three visits to this area that the wind and waves were calm enough for us to go in.  We entered at low tide so we did not have to go under water.  This is me floating in the Grotto.


Here is the grotto entrance looking from inside.


In the ceiling of the Grotto was a hole to the sky.  Note this is grotto was where some of the scenes from a James Bond movie were filmed.


You can see the pigs like to swim out to the boats to see if anyone has any scraps. I bought them a bag of carrots. LOL


Look at the boats. They bring people in from all over to see the swimming pigs


Warderick Wells, the land and sea Park in the Exumas, Bahamas

I was so disappointed in the Land and Sea Park. First you now have to pay .50 cents a foot per day to anchor near the park.  I think we were 1/4 mile out and still had to pay. They are planting those horrible bug infested mangrove trees. You will be eaten by No-see-ums.  Anyways we only stayed the night and then headed to Normans Cay. We are heading over to Nassau where we will say goodbye to Sheila. She is going to take a flight back to Michigan’s winter wonder land.

A funny thing Happened on our way to Warderick Wells we noticed a catamaran heading the opposite direction.   I said to Bryce That could be “SoLuna”.   I saw the black pirate flag.  We hailed them on the VHF and stopped for a chat. 

It was so awesome to see this lovely family again even if it was just for a few minutes.  That is Trampus, his wife Rachel and their two boys.  We met them in Marathon.


A view of Beauty from the top of BooBoo Hill


We seem to see a lot of these little critters on the trails.


A rocky trail Surprised smile


LOL… I had to wear socks. My ankles have been bitten up by no-see-ums. When we cross this area not more than 1/2 hour ago, it was dry; the tide was out.   We came back to cross it with the tide coming back in.


52 foot Sperm Whale bones found in July 1995.  It seems to be crumbling since the last time we saw it.


Norman’s Cay

Well we made it to Norman’s Cay. Bryce and I took the dinghy out… Oh.. I forgot to tell you Bryce was able to patch the dingy hole and unsubmerged the engine.  It is running great again. We stayed the night here. It was good to see Norman’s Cay. We are leaving bright and early in the morning to sail the day to Nassau. 

Taki hut; I think this is new.


Enrico, the pilot we met in Little Farmers Cay told us the resort rooms here are $300.00 a night.  The rooms are in buildings like this.


You can follow our progress at


Well our friends it was nice to talk to you. Thanks for following our blog!Red rose

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