Hope Town – Elbow Cay, Bahamas

I don’t know where to even began. However, we must be very lucky. See we have been anchoring out since the 25th of January.  Our last day of mooring ended when we let loose of the mooring ball in Marathon Fl.  The mooring field here in Hope Town is very small and boaters are here several times a day searching for a mooring ball. Each mooring is a different color and they look like bumpers not balls. Depending on the color of the bumpers depends on who owns it. We were very lucky and found a green one. Our mooring is owned by Lucky Strike, a gentlemen name Truman.

One of the most appealing views here is of the light house.  Hope Town in Elbow Cay features one of the last operational kerosene fueled lighthouses in the world.  Still filled and pumped up by the operator.


She was built in 1864 and then rebuilt in 1934.


I started to walk up the steps but I ended up a bit nausea so I walked back down and Bryce continued without me.


She spiraled around and around: 101 steps.


These are the kerosene canister they have to be refilled and pumped up every two hours while running at night.


This spring wound mechanism caused the light house lenses to rotate. 


She has candle power of 325,000 and her visibility is 17 miles.  You can see the kerosene wick in the center and 2 of the 5 Fresnel lenses.  There is about three areas of no lenses.  This causes the light house to give 5 flashes with a break before the next five.


This is a tiny door you can climb out of and look around.  Her Height above sea level is 120 feet.  Bryce walked around this area and took pictures.


Her height at ground level is 89 feet. This is a view from the balcony that wraps around her.  It shows the mooring field.


Bryce took a picture of me from the top


After we settled  back in at the boat, Bryce inflated the dinghy and we headed into the dinghy dock. There are several areas for dinghy’s to dock up to. We are usually docking up at the sailing club docks.  The closest dingy is ours.


The streets are narrow just wide enough to get a golf cart down them. The walk ways are nestled with flowers and white picket fences.   No cars or gulf carts are suppose to be on the North side of town.


This is center of town where you can rent a golf cart to explore the rest of the island.


Before we rented a golf cart, we strolled through the streets and walked up the steps to the next street.


You can see the white picket fences go a long ways.


The view of the mooring field from shore through the palm trees.


We are now inside a golf car ready to explore the rest of the island. One must not forget they drive on the wrong side of the road here or is it that we drive on the wrong side of the road. LOL


What a pretty place.


There are so many signs with city names and the mileage on them.


We stopped along the road side as we headed to the Abaco’s Inn to absorb the beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean here from Elbow Cay just outside of Hope Town. 


So we decided to do lunch here at the Abaco’s Inn and it was a delicious. We split a wrap..  Abaco Inn looked out over the Atlantic on one side and the sea of Abaco on the other side.


We did a little walking though the streets of Hope Town.


Okay, I got very low on the Grey Goose Vodka; so we needed to stop in and get a re-fill.. LOl


Ever wonder what we do if we need medical attention? More then likely you may not see a doctor on the island, but they have nurses that work under a doctors orders.  


Hope Town is full of rich history.


One of the most treasured moments are the ones in which you invite new friends into your life.  Left to right: Bryce, Jeff, Alan. Rob, Gloria, Robin, Claudia, Me. We all met at “Sip,Sips” for pizza.


The shoreline is lined with the sailing dinghies that they use for their sailing events. 


So someone has drawn out the points of sail. One thing is for sure they have a lot of racing here in Hope Town.


Another great view was at Firefly Resort and Restaurant. But I think the food was a bit better at the Abaco’s Inn Restaurant.  But both restaurants are great.  Firefly looked out over the sea of Abaco.


Okay so I had to pick what really needed to be washed. I only have three months of laundry to do. There are several places to do your laundry. This is a new place; it is also a bicycle rental and repair and now laundry mat.   It cost $6.00 an load to wash and another $6.00 to dry.  So I put two loads in. How many times to you go to a laundry mat that offers a Martini bar? LOL Only in the Bahamas Island with a palm tree


We are making our way through the Abacos.  You can track our anchorages at https://trackmytour.com/2p4qC


As always Thank You for following us!Red rose

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