Great Guana Cay, Bahamas

So what a wonderful anchorage. After stopping in at Marsh harbor for provisioning, we decided to anchor in the bay at Great Guana Cay. It was only an 8 mile trip.  Great Guana Cay is a long narrow islet and is only 7 miles long.  She is also the center of the Abaco Island and is near Gumelemi Cay. There is only 150 people who live on the island.

We took the jet-ski out to do some exploring. As we headed into the beach we noticed Grabbers a bar & Grill. The tide was low; the pier behind the jet-ski is the dinghy dock. There wasn’t any one in the water so we beached the jet ski.


It is so summery to see all the beach chairs lined up on the beach; even without people in them. LOL


As I put my feet in the pool I noticed this cat drinking from the pool. That can’t be to good for the cat. It started to gag like it was going to vomit so I splashed water to get it to stop drinking the chorine water.


The silly cat just looked at me. Hey see that little drink on the table? It cost $11.00. The most expensive drink in the Bahamas so far. It’s just rum punch. 


Look how massive these chess pieces are..


Goodnight our friends. Tomorrow we head to Green Turtle Cay.


We made it to Green Turtle Cay. 


Thanks for following us! Red rose

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