Off the Shores of Miami FL

Off the shore of Miami Florida, in a Bay called Stadium Marine, we sit and wait for the winds to settle down to make our journey further North. I can’t believe the boat traffic in this bay.  Seems like every evening nearing 4 p.m. jet skis start appearing and other boats arrive. The tiny little island that is here between us and Miami gets packed with people still. I tell ya they are still having fun.  It seems that the groups are smaller though; perhaps limiting sizes to 10 people as was requested.  Bryce and I love to dinghy over and meet other boaters. However we are complying with the order of social distancing. We have been away from most any people now for about 10 days. We would like to start visiting again; because that is what we do. This is really hard; not just for us, but for all of us. We just need to comply so we can get back to enjoying life once again. 

Here we are in the bay. Bryce likes us getting off the boat and going for a dinghy ride so we don’t go cuckoo..  I think this is a good replacement for yard work. I am sure if we were home I’d be out working in the yard or on Boatnik’s (power boat).


This Pelican has the right idea.. I didn’t know they were so heavy that it could bend this poor buoy! LOL just kidding Smile


Incase you are interested; this is the stadium Built in 1963. It use to shine with the shadow of Miami in her back ground. This Miami Marine Stadium is on Virginia Key Miami Florida. It once provided a view of passing speed boats. She was the first stadium built for power boat racing in the United States. Now it is abandoned and is full of colorful confetti. Sailors and power boat come to anchor to hide from winds in this bay.  Some just come here to party.


This shows the art up close. I am sure some chairs are missing due to hurricanes and storms. 


A few boats are sunk or beached probably due to a previous storm.  This happens periodically in Florida.


A little bit of excitement in the bay. When the police and the Fire & Rescue showed up.  They talked a bit then went over to the sunken fly bridge boat. We thought they were going to lift it; but they just circled it and drove off.  It probably was not an emergency.  


Bryce found an isolated place without any people so we could go to shore and look across the bay and relax off the boat.  We noticed a dinghy rowing across the bay. It was the owners of one of the beached boats. We watched as they bailed out buckets after buckets of water.  Before we knew it they were crossing the bay with their little sail boat.


It’s not a beach but it did the job. We like our new umbrella it screws into the ground and we can tilt the umbrella too.  No one on this isolated beach.


This shot has a view of the bay. we could see the stadium a boats anchored.  The water is warm (80) and clear.


Later that evening, I looked out; what a great view of Miami.  Always nice to see the night lights.


We have left Miami and are now anchored at Port Pierce.  It was a 124 mile run in the Atlantic.  This is our map you can also follow our anchorages here, 


This shows how we get to our anchorage from the Atlantic Ocean. The City Marina is closed for fuel. With the Coronavirus, many businesses are closed.  In the Florida Keys everyone who does not live there has to leave by tonight.  Resorts are closing, Stores are closed, Restaurants are closed.   With that said, we are planning on an early pull out.  But if Florida goes on a lock down, it may take longer to get hauled out.   On the bright side, boaters are still out enjoying the warm weather.  Looks like families getting out of the house.


In spite of the Coronavirus, we are enjoying ourselves by relaxing on the bow and taking in the warm breeze.  Take a bit of time yourselves and breath.

As always thank you for following usRed rose

One thought on “Off the Shores of Miami FL

  1. Ok. Now I know where you are. NOT in Michigan. Call me if you can 248-229-4476. Just to chat. Hanging out about 2 miles from Beaumont Hospital in Beverly Hills Michigan. Being pretty good about social distancing. Bryce, are you still working?


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