In Light of All the Craziness

Well, in light of all the craziness, I will not let it engulf me. We are isolating ourselves as expected, but I refuse to make our lives the darkness of days! So with that said I put a smile on my face.  As I look at the shore line anchored here off Miami my heart and prayers goes to all who are infected with the Coronavirus all around the world.  But it doesn’t hurt to smile.  I like to dress up and look pretty. It always makes me feel better when I get the blues. My dishes and vacuum appreciates it as I dance around the boat. LOL George looks at me as if I am crazy. Bryce doesn’t notice me; his face is in a computer working…lol

Well, After a long day of work Bryce and I loaded up the cooler and took a dinghy ride. We can’t go to the beach. We want to stay way from crowds of people as we are told to by the local news. So I hope you all can find things to keep you busy. I wonder if quarantine means you can’t work in your yard? Lord knowns we have lots of yard work to do when we get home.

Okay with all that said….are you smiling? Smile  I forgot to share with you that before we left Marathon we participated in a “RumBrella” dinghy race. I don”t think the idea is to win but just have fun. It was a hoot!  This was long before the coronavirus scare.

A “Rumbrella” race is a dingy race where you use an umbrella to power the dingy to the finish line.  the “Rum” comes in at the end where the winners are given a “Rum Ball” bottle of rum.

Two of the kayakers teamed up with one another and came up with the Sex Witch contraption. 4 lawn chairs it was awesome.  


Dinghy’s headed to the starting line….


Okay so you might know; this is the starting line. We all had to have one hand on the line when they blew the conk shell.


This is the group behind us. I could not take pictures because I was In control of the rudder. 


Our new beach umbrella came in just before the race.  What a way to initiate her.   You can see Bryce holding the umbrella and me controlling the rudder (oar).


Well, with all said I hope you liked this. I was downloading my camera and had forgotten about the race. Have I made you smile yet?
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