After Three Months In Boot Key Harbor, Florida Keys

After three months in Boot Key Harbor we untied our lines from the mooring ball C-14 and headed up Hawk channel the coastal side of the Atlantic Ocean. We stayed our first night on the South side of Rodriguez Key. It seemed so free from the hustle & bustle.  While we were in Boot Key Bryce did so much maintenance on the boat. She looks awesome.   This was our fourth season in the Keys.  If we make it back in December we will celebrate 5 years. I think it’s time for some photos.

For my birthday we had a visit from Mike & Miranda It was so…Much fun..


They drove down from St. Petersburg to see us for the weekend so we crammed so much fun in just two days, We visited Bahia Honda and enjoyed an ice cream and a walk along the boardwalk. It was a rainy day. We made an appointment to take a tour of the turtle hospital.


Finally it was time to head back to Marathon for our visit to the Turtle Hospital. Okay remember; I shared that this was our 4th season here. That’s how long it has taken us to visit some awesome places. This place is amazing it was so worth the 27 dollars person (Adult) to visit.


When a turtle is found injured; the hospital is called to the location just like for us humans. The person who found the injured mammal gets to name it. As you can see by the photo, this one is named Crush. When they release it back into the water they take it back to the same location it was found. I can’t say it enough. This was so educational for me.   


Here is an iguana getting a shower from the rain.


Isn’t this the cuties thing; they even have an ambulance.


Well, 4 years into our travels the time has come to where we needed to replace our dinghy. We figured we would wait till we got back up to Michigan. But while Bryce searched the web  one night, he came across a rigid dinghy that is exactly what we have been looking for. We called about and it had been sold! Darn it; the price was right and everything. We were both kind of disappointed. However a few days later it was still listed. What the heck. I called them again I spoke with the owner of the place. He said the person who wants it keeps saying he will come get it but never shows up. If we want it, come and get it. Hum.. Buy the time we rent a truck and get there, will it still be there. Now it’s first come first gets it with cash in hand. We took the gamble and went after it. As you can see we are the new owners of an amazing hard dinghy. I love it. She fit in the back of the truck as if it was made for her.


Now that we have her where are we going to launch her. We no of no launch ramp near Boot Key Harbor. Bryce told me not to worry about it that we will find a place. By the time arrived back to Boot Key it was nearing 2 a.m We ended up using a wheel barrel and putting it in at the seawall off the dock in Boot key. It was easier then I thought it would be.


Okay the following morning Bryce woke up and had to get a good look at her.  I know it doesn’t look like it but there is the same amount of room in the new one. Man you can literally stand on her side without tipping her. I love not having tubes and a soft bottom. LOL Now when we zoom; the bottom no longer flexes.


Even George likes our new dinghy.  Ok.. he was not enthused about getting on it, but soon got used to it.


Well, we are in Miami now staying away from shore. This coronavirus is keeping us on our boat. We get off on to the dinghy just to sight see from the dinghy. It hard not to visit with other boaters but we are staying distances. Stay healthy our Family and friends. 


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