2021 Launch at Green Cove Springs Marina

Green Cove Springs

Okay so not every thing is a bed full of roses. But the question is how to you fight the odds against you. First we had not one but two plugged up toilets. After 14 months of sitting she needed some tender care. Both heads had to be taken apart and the pipes and joker valves had to be clean.   Second issue: we had two hydraulic lines burst on the jet ski hoist. Now if that wouldn’t make a person blow their top! The smiles just keep coming from Bryce I am so proud of him. This is what makes a good team. After we are finally done for the day we just hug and get ready for what comes next!

This Journey we are headed North to Michigan. Beauty needs time in fresh water. We enjoyed a small gathering for Ben’s Birthday at the Marina. Ben and his lovely wife Erin are live a board’s there at GCS marina.  We would like to thank Erin for directing us to Eddie Bauer for our beach chairs. Bryce and I both looked at our chairs before we left but neither one of us grabbed them. I am not kidding you; I searched the area for chairs and could not find any.

I love my flowers. Bryce found out that he bought me flowers when I arrived home from the grocery store. 


Erin & Jody getting ready to celebrate Erin husbands birthday. 


Happy Birthday Ben. This was a delicious cake!


Bryce hard at work. Trying to get Beauty ready for her trip back to the Great lakes.


We set on her bow morning and evening watching the crew at GCS work hard at putting and taking out boats.  We enjoyed saying good morning to our sailor/motor friends as they walked by.


Finally our day arrived with winds & rain  the crew arrived to put Beauty on the trailer and move her our to the hoist. Jonathan and his crew are such a delightful bunch to work with. 


While they were moving the boat I decided to show you all the store/office front. I like the teal color they painted the deck. It’s so Bahama like.


When you go into the Store/office you are greeted with a warm welcome from either Lori or Jody.


Now back to the launch. Jonathan is directing his crew on what to do next. Some are new comers.  They are all totally nice people.


Look it’s magical… Beauty is in the water. We were asked to stay the night due to wind gust so we did and we pulled out early morning while the current and tide worked with us.


Our first anchorage. OM! I never knew that  could miss Beauty I absolutely enjoy my life on her.   It is a dream!


Our second anchorage at Exchange Island. This is where we either put up or take down our sails. We put up our head sail early this morning. Now she feels complete.


Red roseThank you all so much for following us! our first blog for 2021

2 thoughts on “2021 Launch at Green Cove Springs Marina

  1. Hey there! Love reading about life aboard Beauty, on and off the water.
    So you are sailing home for the summer? Or have you been on land due to covid. You may have written this, but I forget!

    Tom turned 70 today. I must be wrong, that’s really not possible is it? We are getting out Great Harbor TT35 out of her slip on a regular basis, but only overnights so far are in the marina. Could be worse- there is a good restaurant there.

    His mom is not doing well, so we will stay somewhat close to home, except for a trip we are planning With Kris and Roger to Lake Powell. Dont know if you keep up with them- the have just put their Roughwater Aurora up for sale. A tough move after loving her for 30 years!

    Our daughter married in Jan in Philly and it was a sweet SMALL ceremony, but live streamed to about 150+. Love in the times of covid, eh?

    Looking forward to more reports from the way north.

    Stay safe, be well!


    1. Thanks Lili
      We are taking Beauty home. It’s time for her to be in freshwater. We are going to continue on another loop but this time with our power boat.

      Her draft is only 28 inches so we will be able to hideaway in some good areas during bad weather.

      We are going to spend the winter with our kids and grandchildren. We have not really seen to many people yet.

      We did get our Covid vaccine. I wasn’t coming to florida without one. Lol

      No I don’t keep up with Kris & Roger. They were such a nice couple. (Are) I am so glad you all go in d each other.

      Congratulations on your new son-n-law. Please say hello to Tom & happy birthday.
      Xoxo miss you


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