Cruising The Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Georgia to South Carolina

As I have said many times in the past, I just love the ICW. The skills of a captain is required. You might think that just getting in your boat and turning the key is all it takes.  But that could get you into a bit of trouble. The winds, water depth, Current and tide tables are all involved in planning your daily trip. We like cruising between mid tide-high tide-mid tide with the current and tide. Carefully planning current sure does help your fuel mileage and shortens the time to get to a destination.    

The funniest thing happened as we stared our first Atlantic ICW cruising from Jykell Island this season. As I was in my dream world looking around Bryce yells up at me. “I think that is a police chase.” Sure enough they went flying passed us like white lightening. We could hear the sirens as they went into the distance. Later that evening I looked at the photos and realized it must be police in training. lol    

New Policechace Collage

You know this is one of my million of reasons the ICW is so spectacular to me. It’s the view


While we were in New River anchorage for the night we were joined by Ever-After Dave & Jenni However this time it was Dave and crew. Jenni was in CA on a family matter. We missed you Jenni.


All of our anchorages have been great so far. But this is one of our favorites this year. Skidaway River.. We anchored on an ox-bow (loop) here on the starboard side. I was a really nice anchorage with good holding.


Our morning view as the sun was burning itself though the clouds.


We could see boats coming and going along the ICW. I wonder how much this boat drafts? This would be the boat to live-a-board on.. LOL


They are building another 65 foot bridge on Skidaway River. You can see the new one behind the draw bridge.  Only half of the old bridge works.  The far side is always up.


New River South Carolina. We took a rest stop and anchored in New River while we waited for the current & tide to reverse directions. It was so funny I was talking to my sister Joyce on the phone she asked me where we were. I said some where still in Georgia. After we finished our call I looked at the map. I started laughing. We were already in South Carolina.  This seems like the area where they do a lot of parasailing about three boats giving rides here.


This is a water taxi I believe I runs from Hilton Head Island to Daufuskie Island. They sure do know how to kick up a huge wake.


This is a light house that is on Hilton Head.


I will keep our updates coming as we travel the ICW in many states.

as always thanks for following our blogRed rose

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