Atlantic Ocean to Jekyll Island

As sunset approached we came into the inlet of St. Simons, GA. Once again the wind predictions (forecast)  were not up to standard. We left Jacksonville  thinking we were going to have east winds and actually had North East winds.  So we pounded into close reach winds and waves.  It was not a pretty picture out there. This made for a bouncy unpleasant crossing.   We left Exchange Island at 6:00 a.m. in the morning and arrived at anchored 8:45 p.m. I have to admit I was tired and a bit grumpy.  Everything was upside down in my refrigerator. It was so bouncy I couldn’t even  go below to make something to eat. LOL But that is okay I have a few extra Covid pounds to take off.

As we made it into port, we noticed this was the inlet of the burning car carrier. We saw this on the news but never really thought about it. They still had a fire crew spraying water on this burning mess.  Apparently, last September 2020 It was reported by NPR that a cargo ship filled with new vehicle capsized in the Inlet of Saint Simons Sound. The vessel belongs Hyundais Glovis. This is the inlet we came in. We anchored behind Jekyll Island.


I can’t believed this huge & heavy car carrier could capsize here in the inlet. YA know; it is still undetermined how she capsized.  Goes to show anything can happen at any time.  If you are interested in reading about this you can google Capsized ship in Georgia.


Our morning was much brighter. As I walked up the steps to have coffee in the salon, I had a few of these freighters pass by behind us.


A few minutes later this fishing boats came by with flying screaming birds following it. They must get lots of bird poop on those boats. LOL

New fishingboats2Collage

There is always the perfect time in the morning to have coffee on the bow of Beauty. Here on the NW side of Jekyll Island has been extremely windy. We have had the winds as high as 49 knots here.  Rain came through yesterday. The weather hasn’t been so good. I should say sunny most of the time but winds and rain kept us mostly inside. The tide is low in this picture we can always tell by how far the water level is on shore.


A few years ago Bryce and I were here by motor-home and we walked out on this pier to see the dolphins swim. 


These Tugboats always look so pretty to me.


Thank you for following us!Red rose

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