Our First Anchorage in Kentucky Lake

Leaving Kentucky Dam Marina, it was such a relaxing time here but it was time for us to leave. We get really restless when we stay too long in one spot. So we headed out on the lake; it is so beautiful out here. The sun was perfect 80 degrees but the breeze was chilly. A few hours down the lake we found the arm of the lake we wanted to anchor in. Bryce threw out the anchor and dropped the kayaks in so we could investigate our surroundings. I grabbed my beach chair and cooler and paddled away from the boat so Bryce could get in his. As we started to paddle away we noticed a couple waving to us from shore. Bryce headed to the shore in-front of us while I headed to see the couple waving to us. As I pulled up to shore, They invited me to bring my chair and join them. I interduced myself. Deon reached his hand out and introduced himself and his awesome wife Roxy.

Bryce took this photo as he came to shore


They said they could tell by the way our boat looked we were on a journey and wanted to hear all about it. Well, you all know me, I could not stop talking. Then comes along Bryce to shore to join us and he took over talking for me. LOL Roxy & Deon have a large 60 foot houseboat named “A Touch of Destiny”.


I enjoyed listening to them about their adventures in Kentucky Lake as much as they enjoyed listening to us. Roxy likes to sit out at night, have a bond fire and look a the stars. She even has an app that helps tell her what stars are what. They invited us over to join them. It was a great night. As we arrived over to their boat and we were greeted by Roxy. Then we joined Deon who was collecting the wood.

Roxy and Me (a new friend). You can tell the evening air was turning chillier.  Notice the nice sandy beach.


Bryce, Deon and Roxy gathered wood while I took pictures. So you know who had the important job.. right? LOL


Finally, it was time to sit and relax and enjoy the fire. Before we could blink it seems like the sunset was upon us.  They had collected quite the pile.


As the sun went down we saw The queen of the Mississippi pass by.


Deon started the fire up! it was a perfect fire with great people and we gabbed late into the evening.


I thought it would be a good time to update our progress with everyone. The first map shows the start of our journey from home to the present day 53. Yes…I am loving it. Okay! we are. LOL


This is a copy of the Kentucky Lake. The blue blob is us. It also shows where the state of Tennessee starts on the red dotted line. We have decided to slow down our travels a bit as we are ahead of schedule. instead of doing 20-30 miles a day we will do 10-20.  The lake and anchorages are quite gorgeous.


This is the best way to relax. I totally recommend this route. I know, I have had my tense moments but truly it is all worth it.

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