Cruising Our Way Down the River

Slowly-but-Surely, we are moseying down the lake. We like to take it slow to see the landscaping around us. We said good-bye to Roxy and Deon and headed south down the lake. We added 23 miles to our trip yesterday. We nestled into the Land Between The Lakes National Recreation OHV Area. This area brought back memories to us. Bryce and I came here with our 4-wheelers around 10 years ago. According to the weather, we have heavy rains coming in for Saturday and Sunday and possible thunder showers today (Friday). We are not sure what they mean by heavy so we will snuggle Beauty into a safe arm of the lake.

This is the small bay we anchored in.


We took the dingy out to explore the our surroundings


Not much sand here mostly tiny gravel. I had to take a walk to get my steps in on my FITBIT.  Looking in the gravel, you see the four wheeler tracks.  We saw a number of them zoom out on the point while we were anchored.


Sunset came quickly on us as we sat on the bow enjoying our evening conversation. I really miss our jet-skis. We used to anchor Beauty then go off exploring. With the dingy we can only go so far it’s to slow to go too far. And if the water is rough, a dingy is no fun.  I say we need to stop and buy to new jet-skis! What do you think? lol


Morning came upon us. We pulled up anchor around noon after Bryce was done working.  It is so peaceful not having to worry about a time frame. I just sit back and look at the cliffs and other boaters. This is weird: we always hear massive sounds like swarms of fish jumping out of the water. You turn to see the water has swirls on top where they jumped; but nothings there….Then you quickly turn your head to another sound again, but nothing’s there. It is just totally weird!

Leaving Land Between The Lakes.  Around 8 miles or so south there is a bridge known as US 68 (Kentucky 80) Bridge. In 2012 the bridge was struck by the Delta Mariner (we saw this boat at lock 52) carrying space rocket parts for NASA according to the articles that I have read. This is a huge vessel its a five stories high. Anyways, It took out a 300 foot section of the bridge which was already under construction. There are articles on this on the web just look up Delta Mariner.  Deon and Roxy told us about it.

Even the workers get to enjoy play time on the water.


And the rebuilding continues on!


You can see The new (grey) section  of  US 68 Bridge that they replaced


We are now in the State of Tennessee!!!

The Land between the Lakes ends at this bridge that we passed under yesterday. We are anchored in the first arm past the bridge for the night.


The fall colors are now in bloom on the lake.  These colors are urging us on to get to Mobile Al.


This is called: “A Little Bit of the Keys in TN”. It is a marina at the end of the bay where we are anchored. However, it really is not easy to get into. We were in the dingy and the seaweed was quite thick.  So we didn’t get any closer.


Here is our anchorage. You can really see the fall colors surrounding beauty.


Well, after our exploration on the dingy, the sunset is upon us. The bugs are out here, so we did not sit up on the bow. It is funny; George is having a great time chasing and eating the bugs. It’s Friday so enjoy your weekend.


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