Adventures with Bryce & Jane on Kentucky Lake

Friday, what  a great day it was. We traveled 22.5 miles. I decided to get a few things done inside while my captain was at at the helm. I heard a sound while doing dishes, so I looked up and he was hailing someone on the VHF radio. Before I could get up the stairs, I caught a glimpse of a boat coming right up to our side. Tell him to go to channel 18. So I unzipped the enclosure and yelled over to him. Heck, I really didn’t have to yell; he was right next to us on our port side. I was really impressed with his ability to stay so close to us. We must of chatted for an hour going down the lake.  We also exchanged our boat cards. Jonathan & Rosa; they really seemed like great people. This is their second time doing the Great Loop.

Jonathan is at the helm and Rosa is next to him.  It was our pleasure to have met you two.

IMGP5334 IMGP5336

Well, it has been a while sense I posted about a tow & barges. I was thinking it was about time. lol.. This tow is pushing 15 barges of coal. Whether you want to be warm or cool, this winter when you dial up those thermostats, perhaps you will burn that coal. lol

Jackie Englert Is the name of this tow.

IMGP5338 IMGP5340

Many years ago, This lake was nothing but farm land or swamp land not sure. I do believe this spooky looking house with a pontoon boat under it was once someones home. I sure wouldn’t want to be on a train headed to this old station. I would end up in the lake.

IMGP5351 IMGP5344

I think this car ferry is used now to transport people across the lake to the other side of Kentucky.


Hidden up in the cliffs are some beautiful homes and some are even for sale.


Well, we took refuge in Little Richland Harbor for the night. We wee able to watch the fish jump for a bit then we were attacked my mosquito. This was the first time on this whole trip we have seen any type of bugs other then flies.

Talk to you soon have a great day.

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