Two days of Rain

Darkness and clouds have fallen upon us, however; we were able to fine great anchorage by Double Islands.  It had a sandy beach with a volley ball net.  However, it was too cool and rainy to take advantage of it.


Instead Bryce washed the boat in the rain.  It needed a good cleaning from sand and dirt we had tracked over it over the last week or so.


Prior to anchoring, we passed a coal power plant earlier in the day.  Coal seems to be quite in demand on these rivers.


And we passed these two bridges.. railroad and auto side by side.  The raising machinery on the railroad bridge looks ancient.


It was in stark contrast to the relatively new bridge for cars and trucks.


We passed numerous trees that were loosing the soil that holds them in place.


The only boaters on the river were the fisherman who were rushing to their favorite fishing hole, then rushing home with their prize catch.  No doubt some of them just zooming around.


In between the bouts of rain, I snapped this pict of the Tennessee River (bottom of Kentucky Lake).  The river can be quite serene.


The river is periodically surrounded by rock cliffs.


2 thoughts on “Two days of Rain

  1. It’s so nice to see all the wonderful and beatuful pictures you are taking, and it’s nice to fellow you on your trip. How long is your trip going to last, and do you have to come home the same way? You two sure look nice togeather.


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