Pickwick DAM Marina

it sure was a chilly & wet Friday as we headed to the lock. We only have 15 miles to go before the Pickwick Lock. We had planned to leave early. It seems like we get through the locks faster if we arrive early. However, as we were pulling up anchor a tow was passing by us. Bryce noticed on the AIS he was moving faster than us. Christina Belchard was the name of this tow.  We played can and mouse with this tow going up.  She was carrying 34 thousand tons of petroleum on each barge and she was 4 barges long that would be a total of 136 thousand tons. The rain was hitting us hard. Visibility was just so so. Being a dreary day, with little to post we noticed some homes along the Tennessee that we thought we would share with you too.

The closer we got to the dam the current really picked up slowing us down from 6.5 miles an hour to 4.0 miles an hour. We heard the Christina Belchard haul the Pickwick Dam to let them know of their arrival knowing we would have to do the same once we got closer. The lock master said you have a sailboat coming behind you how far away is it?” The Tow answered back “about 3/4 of a mile”. The lock master started to chuckle and said he was just wondering witch one of us would make it there first. How did the lock master even know we were out there. We were to far away for him to see us.. perhaps we were being known to the lock masters.

We could see this green rooftop from a mile away. Nice colors.. porch wrapped around the house.


We often wonder what happens if the dirt lets loose and this house is loosing its ground.  This picture shows.  The foundation under the corner has disappeared with the dirt.  You can see the corner of the house floating in air.


What a pretty southern looking home with the fall colors setting in.


Look, the steps are coming from the second floor.  Imagine walking these steps to get to your boat.


This house looks like it’s made of shipping containers.  Perhaps a good way to save building costs.


I have been asked what do I do on a raining day? I like to bowl and walk but sinse I cannot always walk, the WII is my back up. The engine is a bit loud so I listen to my music with my headset on.


I forgot, we celebrated our anniversary on the 25th

bryce and jane wedding

I think most of you know I am not a fan of going through the locks. But I have to get used to it or It will not be a fun trip. My blood pressure must skyrocket at each lock. Bryce said he thought of a way that might help me with the lines as I try to reach the bollards. He took two lines together making a loop in the center and one end of the line tied on to the aft cleat and the other tied on tho the center cleat with the loop in center. It worked great! I was able to latch on the first time.  What a end to a wet few days. We arrived at the Pickwick Dam Marina on Saturday Morning. Boy, it was still raining as we entered the lock.

I did it I was able to latch that bollard on one try and not struggle with two lines.


Now why is he so happy? Probably because he sits while I do the work!!


Getting a break from the rain;  taking a pic.


Now, you can see why Bryce was so happy.


This is the new loop Bryce made for me.  He still holds the boat steady with a bit of engine.


After Leaving the lock, we headed our to the Pickwick Dam State Park Marina. It was great to get a slip after 8 days of anchoring. I needed to head back out to the market & tidy up the boat. but after we finally got the boat settled into the slip we decided to go meet some new friends. As we pulled into the marina we noticed a sailboat with its mast down and knew they were cruisers and wanted to met them. So with that said we put on our rain suits and dinghy over to introduce ourselves.

Wayne & Alison Sollars from Australia. What a fascinating couple they have spent 5 years sailing around the world. They shared some of their experiences with us. Hope to see them again.


Sunday morning.. the marina has no courtesy vehicle for us to go to the market. I googled the market 2.5 miles away no big deal we will take our bikes. The marina had wagons for the guest to carry there gear to their boats, so I asked if we could borrow one to take to the store and they said sure. I carry two insulated Gordens food service bags with us to put grocers in rather than using plastic bags.

Bryce pulled the wagon behind him.


My seat was slipping down.


This was a neat water plane that someone was building.


Okay, 2.5 miles up hill to the market and 1 mile construction zone.


Finally, I am done bags are loaded and it’s time to head back.


Okay, We are stopping to find pretzel rods. I keep asking but no ones knows what I am talking about.


I bet if we stop at a gas station they will have them! (nope) They didn’t know either.


A few days late, but we went out and celebrated our anniversary.  This is one of the advantages of the State Park Restaurants in Kentucky and Tennessee.  They have great food and spectacular views.


The view from the restaurant looking toward the lock and dam that we passed earlier.


We met another awesome couple who are camping at state park. Neil & Barbara Bracken from Winchester TN. Neil is a local voice on the AM radio station who tells stories about many different things.


The restaurant  at the state park. We had a very nice waitress to whom I promised to send a post card to from the Bahamas. I won’t forget Emily.


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