Anchorage in Panther Creek

Just as the name says (Panther) my mind thinks danger. We laid in bed listening to the howling of what sounded like wolfs attacking other animals. We could hear what sounded like dogs crying in the back ground.  Bryce went up on deck to get George. His eyes said it all FEAR! His little body trembled. He didn’t get off our bed till early morning. I have an over active imagination! I tried to go to sleep but each time I closed my eyes, all I could see were wolfs or panthers swimming out to our boat.  Bryce got up and pulled the ladder out of the water for me. Maybe next time we should pick a bay with a sweeter name. Then maybe I’ll dream of ice cream or something on the sweeter side.

Like aways we like to explore our anchorages after we anchor. We don’t always get a sandy beach to put our toes in, but the view is always pretty.

Out taking a dinghy ride. This is Beauty anchored in Panther Creek.


Cypress tress are so neat looking. The roots look like they could start dancing.


I thought I had seen a turtle with its head out of the water only to find out it was a tree stump. Bryce laughed at me.


Well, the sun is starting to set so we are heading back to the boat


Ducks didn’t like the motor sound.


Good-bye Pickwick Dam Marina. This is  a great place for fuel, supplies, pump-out and water.  The staff is really nice and friendly. On the way down Pickwick Lake, we saw Wayne and Alison anchored at the Falls.  Didn’t look like enough room for two boats, so we continued on.

IMG_2624 IMG_2625

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