Yellow Creek River

Happy Halloween. We made it to mile marker 449.2 it is as they describe it: Tranquil anchorage, perfect for relaxing, kayaking and meeting up with new friends. Just around the corner we will be headed to the Tenn-Tom cut at Mile marker 448.7.

After anchoring in a small bay off the Yellow Creek we dropped in the kayaks to a paddle around the bay.  We headed to Grand Harbor Marina to check out their convenience store. There is really a lot to do in this area: just full of history. The Shiloh Battlefield is just a bit back down the Tennessee River.  Today, we are going to head to Corinth MS Yacht Harbor (Aqua) to pick up some nourishments. (ice-cream). LOL   

As we motored from Panther bay, we relaxed on the bow. It started out a bit chilly but did warm up.


This is funny, as you are looking down the river the State of Alabama is on the starboard side (right), the river is Tennessee River, and on the (left) port side is the State of Mississippi.  And if we traveled the river in this direction 1 mile, we would be in Tennessee. Holly cow…lol


We merged to the (left). When we approached the The Yellow Creek basin, we noticed this view of homes next to Grand Harbor Marina.


This is Grand Harbor Marina. Apparently, they have lots of amenities to offer those who stop in from swimming pools to tennis courts and a courtesy car to go into the local shops.  We popped in by kayak just to check it out.


This is the entrance to the bay we pulled into.  We were going to continue downstream before seeing how tranquil the area was.  Decided to stay a day.


Bryce decided to put out the rear anchor. It’s connected to the black line you see hanging off the back of the dinghy.


We are now anchored and it is time to drop in the kayaks and paddle about. We paddled down to the Grand Harbor Marina.  On the way back we noticed a familiar boat anchored two bays down from us. It was the Blue Heeler from Melbourne Australia. It was nice to see that they also found the awesome anchorage.


I think this is one of our better anchorages.  It was well protected from the river traffic and any winds.


Bryce needed to organized the lines in the anchor locker. The main line gets a bit twisted over time.


We took the dingy to the point of the bay and watched the sunset. Afterwards, we went and said hello to Wayne & Alison the couple from the Blue Heeler


Here is another pic of the point.  Grand Marina in the background.


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