Heavy Rain kept us at anchorage

We had heavy rains that kept us at anchorage for an extra day. We geared up with our rain suits on an took a dinghy ride in the pouring rain  back to the Grand Harbor Marina where we kayaked to yesterday. Just to pick up a Blue Bunny ice-cream. http://www.sailbeauty.com

Oh my gosh, you will not believe this; after two months of complaining he finally did it! As we walked through the convenience store I looked over to see what Bryce was looking at. His eyes sparkled with joy. He had found his back up anchor. We forgot to bring our small Danforth with us as the second anchor. And the only thing he has done is complain about the extra plow anchor. It never seems to hold Beauty. Our 44 lb Bruce works fine. I started laughing and wished him a Happy belated Anniversary. Now, I am still waiting for a day at the spa! with a massage and hair, nails… okay, I’ll be happy with pearls too. LOL

He is Happy😂


Now, do you remember when we posted about about the howling of wolf or coyotes? We were sitting on the bow enjoying our morning coffee☕️ when Bryce (and George) noticed this fellow walking along the shore not but a 200 feet away! We expect its a coyote????


This was truly a great place to anchor. We had gust of winds up to 16 knots and hardly felt them. Well today is suppose to be 68 & overcast winds N, 5 mph so we are headed to the famous Tenn-Tom cut. Enjoy your day.


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