Whitten Lock to Midway Marina to Aberdeen Lake

The weather has turned sunny and in the mid 75’s to low 80’s here in the state of Mississippi. Our journey has been anything but dull. Our adventures continue from one anchorage to marina. Going forward, after leaving the Jamie L. Whitten lock we traveled to Midway Marina. We were greeted without doubt with more of the southern hospitality. I phoned in to let them know of our arrival and to make sure the depth was depth enough for us. The gentleman said the depth was 7 foot minimum. So we headed in. We found it was about 7.5 only near the channel.  Near the docks and in the marina it was 10.  Somehow we managed to loose all of our photos during our visit, so we are unable to show the awesome shots we had.  George was a bit irritated about our loss of picts.


Talk about good service! This reminded me of when we pulled into St. Joseph Michigan the service was just fabulous.  There was a young man waving to us; guiding us in to the gas docks. He was so polite… I asked him his name he replied back “Shane, Mam” Well, Shane worked diligently to get us settled. Shared so much with us about the area. He was so helpful. The courtesy van was in use at the time; but we were first up for the next round. Shane and Bryce connected us up to power before Shane could leave. He had to make sure we had good electrical hook-up.. it was marina policy.  Here is a pic on our way to Midway.


I noticed the courtesy van pull up and three people got out and unloaded supplies from it. I thought to my self they must also be cruisers. They filled up the carts that the marina offers to carry your stuff to your boat and headed in my direction. I just had to stop them. They looked like great people. We spoke for a few seconds but they had to get stuff put-away and we needed to go get our round of supplies. As we were getting ready to go into town. Kevin one of the three people we had just met, came over and invited us over for a cocktail between 4-5 or wherever we get back from town. (AWESOME)

Shane explained to us how to get into town and shared with us where to find the map and key. Fulton had a lot to offer us. We went into Walmart to stock up on food but they didn’t sell any alcohol. Our new friends Kevin, Chris and Graham suggest we go to Fish-lips for wine or liquor.  Picked up fresh flowers for the boat.


After a few hours, we made it back to Midway Marina. I unloaded the bags as Bryce put them on board. It was getting close to Five o’clock. I don’t like to be late. On the other hand Bryce is never on time. lol We walked over to meet up with the three people on the dock, Kevin, Chris and there good buddy Graham. Kevin and Chris are the proud owner of a 38 Prout Catamaran. What a great vessel!  Their home port is England. We sat and drank with them for a number of hours exchanging stories. They had some great appetizers. I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard. We really had a great visit with our new friends. Thanks again for a wonderful time.

Our new friends from England, Kevin, Chris, and Graham our good buddy too. These guys were a hoot..  Kevin gave me the grand tour of their Cat.


I just love the reflection of the clouds here.  This is a view of the Tombigbee in front of us.


We also had the opportunity to meet Steve and Judy Weisbrod the morning we left Midway Marina and found out that we more then likely met them in Annapolis Maryland at the sail boat show.  Steve worked the Catalina booth that we always go to.  Small world.  One show he worked was the release of the 355.  We saw it that year, so we know we met him. The next day we ran into each other going through the Aberdeen Lock.


Barges unloading and loading at a paper mill.  It seems paper mills are prevalent down here.


The water was so calm.. it was like a mirror..  only broken up by our wake..  This was a huge hill of wood chips for a paper mill.


Towing our dinghy behind us for a short time.  The water was calm and the day warm.


We passed a barge and tow underway too. Although, on the upper part of Ohio & Mississippi it was an every 10 second  passing a tow & barge. Now we might see one or two every day or so.


7 thoughts on “Whitten Lock to Midway Marina to Aberdeen Lake

  1. Bryce&Jane picture are fantastic. This trip looks like a lot of fun. Are you going to be going through Lake Okeechbee? One of the Locks is only 15 minutes from our home and if you are doing any anchorage in the Stuart area we will take you to dinner. We are out of town from Dec 11 till Dec 19th.

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  2. Aaahhh… very beautiful pics! We spent part of the summer bringing a Pearson 26′ down the Mississippi and Ohio from Rock Island Illinois to Cincinnati. The worst commercial traffic was DEFINITELY at Cairo Illinois! (We passed thru between 4 and 5 pm so I’m sure “quittin’ time” had something to do with it.) Our run thru Louisville on a late friday afternoon showed us that pleasure boaters can be even more chaotic! I enjoy reading about your experiences and we’ll see you out there! Andy s/v Buttercup

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      1. Sadly, our sailing season has come to an end. We are in our land home for the winter, preparing for the permanent migration south this spring. Dayton, Ohio… gutters that need cleaning, a pool cover that is forever being abused by the wind and a whole lotta stuff we need to find new owners for. When spring finally arrives we plan to sail south and leave the snow and ice of the midwest behind…forever!


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