Happy Thanksgiving from Pensacola

Happy Thanksgiving to all our amazing family & friends. 

We have had an interesting past few days. We left Orange Beach on Tuesday after Ryan the young man from West Marine delivered our new main anchor to us. We needed an anchor to replace Bruce; but without a car we would of had to hail a taxi to take us back to the park where we docked the dinghy. Ryan delivered the anchor to us at the park the next day. Thank you Ryan. It is a Danforth 35 lb Hi-tensile.  Our 25 pound Danforth Super Hooker held us in 35 knot winds.  The new bigger Danforth  should give us a bit more.

The winds have been nothing but a nightmare. We haven’t been able to sail yet. Small craft warnings up for the Gulf. Looks like we might have a window opening up on Saturday so we will do our first 300 mile pass down to Tampa Florida. This will be our first sail straight through.  We are going to get a boat slip for a few days when we arrive there.

This is a picture of one of several dead fish found on the be beach. The birds must not like them; they are not eating them. I think George might like to eat them; but I will leave that thought alone. I think they might be called Chad?  Not sure what kind of fish they are.

This is a close up view of the crab pot. It looks like a bobber on the end of a fishing line too.


Although it was a late start, after we arrived back to the boat we pulled up anchor and headed to our new anchorage. We headed towards Pensacola.

Very colorful houses with white sand. The sand is so white that it looks like snow.


Just past the houses was this bridge we had to go under. There was a Welcome to Florida sign. We are finally out of Alabama.


It seemed like within seconds we had a sunset after we past into Florida.



4 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving from Pensacola

    1. Thank you. We had a great Thanksgiving. I made a ham. Sure hope you two had a good one too. We are anchored in Pensacola Bay because winds have been to dangerous to go out into the gulf.
      Nice to hear from you.


  1. Hello Jane and Bryce still following you and some of it looks really scary!! You seem to be having a good time anyway don’t think I would do very well in the waves, have been seasick once and don’t want to do that again think I will stick with the big ships!! Don’t forget to send us an e mail when you get close to Stuart, offer still stands to take you to dinner if you are here before Dec 11th or after the 19th (cruise on those dates). Take care and enjoy yourselves, stay safe.


    1. Yes.. We are still a ways from Stuart and will hook up with you when we get closer. Not sure we will make it by 11th. We are on the Gulf side.. Will be on the Atlantic side in spring.


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