Lemon Bay to Charlotte Harbor

Another day full of sun…..Winds are blowing from the East today but will blow from the South at 15 knots tomorrow.  So our anchorage needs to protect us from the south winds. Staying in the channel is important. Here is a good idea how shallow it is on each side. I noticed this sand bar with the local birds enjoying a day at their beach.


We were just enjoying our day when out of the Mangroves on our port side came this car ferry backing into the ICW. It sure is a good thing Bryce can maneuver this boat or they would have taken out our bow!


The sad part is the ferry only turned to the other side of the cannel to let the cars off. Maybe 200 feet. The captain really needs to pay attention. Another boat might not of gotten out of his way.


The homes seem to appear out of top of trees and around the corners on this route. I think the one with the mint green top in the center is my favorite here. When they finish building it will be nice. We also noticed a lot of the houses have shades over their windows to kept the sun out.

Well, we made it to Boca Grande Bridge. This is another swing bridge, but if you look closely it is two swing bridges together. They only have to open the lower one if the boats are low enough to fit under the second bridge.  We are much too high.  The issue we had was the first bridge: the light gray one on the bottom, only opened partially.  Hardly leaving room for a wide of a boat to go through. It is a good thing they have a South bound and north bound side.  IMGP8012

This is what the Boca Bridge looks like when it’s open. Although it looks like a enough room it has no room for errors. The lower bridge could take out one of our speaders.


Looking backwards a smaller sailboat followed us through.


Looking in front of us their was a third bridge!  Quite narrow, but this one has had its center removed so boats can go through it. It looks like they are leaving it here for a fishing pier.


We anchored at Punta Blanca Island near Boca Grande Pass just off the channel. The Depth was 10.5 high tide and 9 low tide. We were protected from the south winds.


Ding Darling Bay

The following day we headed to “Ding Darling Bay” near Fort Meyers Beach. What a nice place to anchor. We anchored in 10.5 feet and never saw less the 7.5 feet during the low tide. We spent two days here waiting for the right winds to cross the Gulf again. Out mast is to tall so we cannot go any  further in ICW at this point. We need to make a 30 mile crossing to Naples Florida.

I am at the helm again. Bryce is pulling up anchor to head to the Ding Darling Bay.


While Cruising the GICW we were passed by the Lady Chadwick vessel.  They are looking for dauphines. They waved and talked to us for a few seconds.


We had to pass under power wires a bit scary but they are a 100 feet tall so there is plenty of room.

Our sunset after anchorage in the Ding Darling bay. IMGP8057

The next morning after work we explored in the dinghy. The water was clear in the shallows.


Boy oh Boy the fish just don’t stop jumping. And the birds nose dive right into the water. It is so funny to see. I only caught one jumping but most f the time 20-30 fish are jumping and the birds like to fly over them and pick out there dinner.


Look at the birds causing the fish to jump.  When the birds flew low over the water, the fish would jump up!! So strange..



It’s to bad Bryce doesn’t eat fish.


We dingyed into the mangroves and noticed birds resting in the shade.


We noticed the Star fish under water.


Look how big these birds are. I could ride on one they are so big.


Well we are headed back to Beauty now.


Our shadows silhouette the sand under the water.


Fort Meyers Beach


Great anchorage! Well it has been eight days at anchor. Now time to head in and get supplies. We are headed to Naples in the morning.


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