Gulf Windsūüí®

We are waiting at Naples for the Gulf winds to die down. ¬†Saturday was a bit on the windy side. ¬†According to the weather reports, the winds were gusting at 20 miles an hour. Even docked in a marina we still hear the winds howling and feel the boat moving a bit. ¬†Me… I went and got my hair done; then we went out for lunch. It is funny, we always stumble into things. Today it was a farmers market.


I took this photo for Brian & Melanie They have a bee farm in Ohio. This honey made me think of you two.


This market had it all, baskets of shrimp, Star fish, Grouper, Lobster. Some even came along with a Christmas bow on them. LOL

I went to Gloss Salon here in Naples. I had an appointment with Nadia Aleksen Hair Designer. She was just amazing. And the Salon was so bright & clean.  I had a cup of tea whole she processed my hair.  I was so happy when I left. 239-263-8050 The price was not bad either. I paid the same I would have in Michigan. Nadia wrote down the product she used. So when I go to get my hair done again, the next stylist will know what product I am using.

We had lunch at Jane’s Restaurant. ¬†But it was really breakfast for us.


On Sunday, we were able to take the jet ski out on the Old Inter-coastal Waterway.  It is just to shallow for Beauty. We will have to take the Gulf from now on.  The sad thing is yesterday we saw two dolphins one had its fin bend over the other one looked like it had been through a prop of a boat.  That is so sad. We found a beach on the ICW. On the other side of the beach was the Gulf. all within walking distance. It was a bit chilly. With the winds, we had to wear wet suits.

As the day went on more and more boats came out. Theses two pontoon boats provide various delights from soda pop to beer to food. I had a Grouper fish sandwich and Bryce had a hotdog. LOL

We found a small sand crab walking sideways.

We explored a bit and drove the jet ski over to Marco’s Island to check-out the buoys and entrance way into the cut. We are planning to go to Marco Island tomorrow if the winds settle down. ¬†It’s time to get moving again.


After getting back to the City Docs. Bryce put new dutchmen lines on Beauty and adjusted the brushes on the autopilot actuator.  We then  headed into town to get an ice-cream. I got one scoop of butter pecan and Bryce got a waffle cone with chocolate ice-cream. We then strolled down to the beach to walk on the pier. As soon as we hit the beach my shoes came off my toes needed to feel the sand between them. LOL


As we approached the pier I suggested we put our shoes back on. I am scared of fish hooks getting caught in my feet. When I was a young girl that happened and it did’t feel good. Now, get this….Bryce caught a fish hook in his shoelace as we were walking.

I have to leave this town.. After that ice-cream we stopped to have a pizza. It’s funny; we keep searching for a thicker crust pizza and just cannot find one. Thin crust is just too thin down here. It’s like just eating the toppings without a crust. We found this Italian restaurant Barbatella. Awesome friendly waiter he was great.


Happy Holidays….from us to youūüĆ≤


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