The Great Bahamas Bank Crossing from Bimini to North Rock and Mackie Shoal


After leaving Bimini, we headed North around North Rock. What a spectacular day. The winds and water were perfect. What a blessing it was. I was beginning to wonder if this day would ever come. We had two shoal areas that we had to watch out for. Mackie shoal where we were headed is the 35 nautical mile point. This is the half way point to Chub Cay. I think it’s funny that this area at Mackie Shoal is marked with a tall stick and a no working light. I would hate to be sailing at night. I must say that with the technology of GPS and radar it helps to make a better crossings at night. The Great Bahamas Bank is so pretty and clear. Although, we didn’t see to many sea world visitors on this crossing it was a FABULOUS day. We told jokes and sat on the bow and just enjoyed our day. If anyone of you are reading this and looking for a good place to anchor this is. The water is shallow enough that reduces the wave effects.

This is North Rock from Bimini’s


As we motored out of Bimini we where just knock for a loop at the site of flying fish. I was thinking maybe I needed a beer because fish don’t fly…It was just an amazing site.



As we were getting ready to raise our sails we had to repair a broken dutchman line. So we fixed it.


We had two visitors and it was a welcome visit to see them dancing at the bow.


It’s is HOT even with the wind. Bryce thought it was time to get the pool out. He knows how much I am missing my hot tub. So if we do decide to get a different boat I vote for a place to put in a hot tub.



So this was our amazing day of crossing the Bahamas bank. Oh see our new chairs? Our old ones bit the dust when we were in Marathon so we had to replace them.

We pulled out of Bimini around 11 and pulled near the tall stick with a none-working light around 6:30 p.m. Nothing like sleeping out in the middle of the Ocean (Grand Bahamas Bank).


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