Chub Cay to New Providence Nassau & Trip to Nassau by Jet-ski

I must say this portion of the trip wasn’t as comfortable as the past few days. It started out with
only 10 knots; perfect. We were able to sit on the deck for about an hour. The issue was we
should have left 2hours earlier.  You wouldn’t think that two tours would make that big of a
difference, but on the water it does. The winds started to increase coming straight across our
bow.  That means no sailing.  The winds reached 22-25 knots. It beat the heck out of us
once again. But I think we are getting used to it. We couldn’t sit up front today or use the pool
but just the same its a wonderful feeling that you get just being on the Ocean. I used my perch
seat in the cockpit. I haven’t used that in a while but it is a nice place to rest my rear when going
over big waves. I also like to stand up and look over the canvas.




We made it into the West Bay, New Providence Nassau around 6:30 p.m. It was still a bit bumpy
but a lot less waves.




This bay is somewhat protected by an area of shoals.
We could see the dancing waves as they rushed along the shoals breaking one right after
another. We were getting a few rollers and Beauty rocked all night and into the next day.




George wasn’t a bit happy about this anchorage.




When the waves slowed down the following day, Bryce pulled up our anchors and moved us about 1/4 mile into the knuckle of the bay. It was the best place to be anchored. We Thought it would do us good to get off Beauty and do some exploring on the jet-ski. The ride wasn’t that bad even with the 15 knot winds from the North.  West Bay is one place you really have to be careful around. There are so many shoals you could get caught up on. We noticed some coral head areas that we had to avoid. They are protected. The coastline that surrounds Nassau is very pretty from the shoreline.

We are not sure if this is the new upcoming amusement park or not but this is located at the tip of West Bay where we were anchored.




The winds were crashing into the shoals just past the point of West Bay.




Zooming on the jet-ski towards Nassau, we saw some pretty views from the water. These are very colorful resort homes. Nearby do you noticed the dark blue water in the photo? These are spots you will see coral or seaweed and greenish yellow will be coral head. So when exploring you have to be really careful.




As we approached the area near Nassau where we made our Starboard turn to go along the river into Nassau Bay, we noticed this tower looking object in the water rusting away like many things here in the Bahamas. It appears to have been at one time connected to a resort or something.  Looks pretty cool; hope they save it,




We now know where the industrial area is in Nassau. What a neat place to see freighters come in to port.




I have to laugh. When I noticed all these crates, my imagination started to work overtime. I was thinking of different episodes of CSI on TV where you never know what could be in those crates. Eye rolling smile




As the freighters enter the harbor, they are greeted by two tugs that push them into the docks.




This freighter is going to be loading and/or unloading soon. I just find it neat to see how they get pushed into the dock.




Oh.. Yeah This Majestic Sea cruise ship was in the harbor too. She is so big.




We didn’t go into Pleasure Island, but we road the jet-ski through the marina that was not for the normal boats but for the mega-yachts.




In this area they load there guests up and take the out to watch the sea creatures in the ocean.




At Pleasure Island, they prefer if you are a mega-yacht.  What is a Mega-yacht? Anything over 100 feet.  This boat is called SKYFALL. Yes, the owners are James Bond  007 fans. She is 223 feet long. Owners John & Jeanette Staluppi.  SKYFALL is for sale for 37 million; any takers??




In the harbor many boats come in to anchor and to fuel up. it’s the only place where normal vessels can get fuel.   Yes, us peons..




We see a lot of vessels that have sunk in the Bahamas. So many I couldn’t even count.




I see how the mail comes ashore. Email What a big mail boat.




Due to lack of internet we are a bit behind in posting our post. We have made it to the Exumas and I am creating a post. just don’t know when we will have the internet.



2 thoughts on “Chub Cay to New Providence Nassau & Trip to Nassau by Jet-ski

  1. Looks like beautiful weather; I’m jealous. 😎 Thanks for sharing this trip. It’s really cool to see the map of your travels. You’ve gone a lot of miles. ⛵️


  2. So glad you are having the time of your life. I love reading your blog I seen some of those yachts when we were in St. Thomas all I could say is wow. Be safe and have fun 😉


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