Preparing to head to Exumas

                                      Bryce is searching for fuel and I am making new friends on Jaws Beach in West Bay


Poor BryceSad smile has searched and searched for fuel. Either you find a place that will only sell to Mega Yachts or the are private and sell to members only. He will not give up. We need fuel and he will find it. He decided it was time to ride his bike into town 5 miles away to the gas station. We had previously walked the 5 miles into town the day before. I finally found bread… we found a huge grocery store. I was not looking forward to the walk back it was pushing 90 degrees. I asked the clark if they had a number for a taxi and she said that the offer their customers a ride back. that was music to my ears. Bryce gave the young man 10 dollars as a tip. ok, back to the fuel story. Right in front of the grocery store was a shell gas station.   That is where he road his bike to to get fuel. On his first round  trip  as he headed back is luck seem to have fallen. He didn’t tighten the bungee cords enough around the jug. both jugs Bryce and bike fall to the ground. A man with an SUV stopped and offered him a ride back. He remembered that I told him if someone offers him a ride he was to take up the offer. As long as they could take his bike too. LOL. 


Bryce loading gas jugs on his bike. I forgot to take picture of diesel jugs.



Finally, he returned as I sat on the beach and awaited his arrival back. Someone had to keep an eye on the dinghy & motor.  I meet some new friends on the beach. It was nice to watched the kids swim and play as they also were off for Easter vacation.




Barb is in the poke a dotted swim suite cover up Nancy is in the hat. They are anchored near us. They are out for a walk along the beach.




I had quit the conversation with these two young men. They were so pleasant to talk with. They are cousins. both are in the tenth grade.




This was my 4 hour sitting exercises for the day. 




Finally Bryce arrived back this time without any dilemma. We packed up the dinghy to head back and fuel up the boat.  When all was said and done we enjoyed a cup of coffee on the boat as we saw a few young men out enjoying the wind on the wind sail boards. Man you have to try this it looks like a great workout.




The following morning we headed  out to the Exumas.  The just love the way the morning air brushes against my face. The sun started to poke out from behind the clouds.



We waved to bye to a few boaters as we headed out to a new part of our journey. The EXUMAS Coffee cup The rollers were about 6 feet but soon we will be out of the tongue of the Ocean that is over a 1000 feet depth and back into Little Bahamas Bank that averages 20 feet depth.


This is a photo of the power plant the fuels the island with electricity




We passed SKYFALL going in the opposite  direction.




This area is nothing but Mega Yachts every where you look.




Well, we knew the possibility of not being able to sail do to winds on bow.  The weather map said SE 10 and they were SE 20-22 it took us 14 hours to go 52 nautical miles. Snail  Pulling into anchorage at dusk isn’t fun but this area was well mark on the GPS. We had a good time crossing even though it was slow. We were stun but the night vision of one of the mega yachts. Evan at nigh the Exumas are beautiful. I will let you all go for now. Thank you for taking your time to follow us.

2 thoughts on “Preparing to head to Exumas

    1. Yes, I heard it was $$$ I am behind on posting because of the lack of internet. I figure we still have time to meet up. After George Town we will reverse it and be back in this area.


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