Our First day in the Exumas at Norman’s Cay and Passage to Warderick Well’s Cay

Easter Sunday


What a beautiful day! From the time we woke up to  the time we went to bed. Now, I see the glory in the Bahamas. It was Easter Sunday; we had worried all night long. This time not about bad weather but about someone who we hold dear to our hearts.  See we received a text from Bryce’s sister saying their brother was in the hospital with pneumonia. This was not good. He has other health issues which puts him at high risk. The good news is he has passed all his test and should recover just fine. We call that an Easter miracle in our family.

We took a jet-ski ride around Norman’s Cay to the back side. It was a bit choppy, so we went back to the boat and switched out jet-ski to dinghy. The dinghy is easier carry things to land on the beach. I was like a kid with a piece of candy; so excited to play on the beach.  I packed a lunch a 1/2 bottle of wine and beer for Bryce. I wish I could share this day with everyone. It was that special to me for some reason. We were on an island with only a private air strip and a few homes. So we set up our lawn chair and umbrella on the beach.


Our sailboat is in the back ground. Beauty is directly over the dingy motor.




I have to share a few photos of myself.  As many of you know I don’t swim well. It’s funny because the salt water helps me out.  I float really easy. I am not in deep water, so this is just fine with me.




Okay; this is me swimming. I told you I was like a kid…




So after a nice lunch, I took a stroll up the beach to see where the dinghy people were headed.  Bryce stayed with the chairs and gear.  I read this sign on the Beach: “Mc.. Restaurant & grill” I was so excited. I followed the path. It lead to a board walk. I continued on; I saw a little white gated area. I opened the gate. I felt Like I had opened the door to paradise. It was a Bahamas garden with  plants, palm trees, flowers. As I followed the board walk, I noticed a building with noise and voices coming from it. I walked up the steps and opened the door. People were gathered around a bar laughing and having a great time. I asked if they were open to the public. The young women answered yes.


I asked how long they would be serving dinner. She said till 9. A smile came across my face. I couldn’t stop it.  She told me I need reservations.  I asked if 6 was ok. YES… I could barley wait to get back and tell Bryce. Oh crap, I was so focused I forgot he could not see me. He must be worried not knowing where I disappeared to.   I followed the path back. I was so full of joy. I sat down and told Bryce what I found. He was as happy as I was.




This will be the first holiday since  we left home that we were able to eat out.




What an amazing day.  Hope you all had a great day too. Send a kiss


 Norman’s Cay to Warderick Wells Cay

The following morning wasn’t as enjoyable. You know I share all.. we were both on edge. I asked the wrong question that set off fire works in our boat. The fuse was short lived. We pulled up anchor and headed to the Bahamas Land and Sea Park at  Warderick Wells Cay.  In 1958 the Bahamian government set a side a 176 square mile area called the Exuma Cay Land and Sea Park.  It says they have the best anchorages and snorkeling along with hiking trails…  I will let you know.

We passed several other Cay’s along the way to Warderick Wells Cay. The lighter areas show sand bars that we needed to avoid.  The passage over was really nice. We weren’t able to sail again but the weather was fantastic. 




We passed a sailboat under sail going in the opposite direction. Winds where S at 7 not much wave action either.




From Norman’s Cay to Warderick Cay was about 27 miles. We made good timing today.  Boy, I just can’t believe all the mega yachts.  This super yacht must be burning a few hundred gallons per hour of fuel.




The closer we got to Warderick wells Cay, I wondered if we would ever start seeing normal boats and people again. We have seen INFINITY several times.  She is a pleasure craft that drafts 13.1 feet and is 290 feet long and 45 feet wide.  It is quite a bit bigger than SkyFall which was 220 feet long.




The back of INFINITY opens up and  4 jet-skis come out.  This boat is wider than we are long.




The anchorage area had 7 Mega Yachts anchored. I will bore you with one more. SILYER FAST I don’t have info on her but she is pretty neat too. And appears to be at least 200 feet long.




Now, back to us not so fortunate people. We pulled in past the yachts and found anchorage.  We anchored near this mushroom looking Island with a few other sailboats just outside the mooring field.




After anchoring, it was so hot, we jumped into the ocean. Bryce pumped up our chairs. We floated for a little while and enjoyed the surrounding view.   In this picture you can clearly see the sandy bottom and bits of sea weed.  It is about 10 feet deep.




Look again how clear the water is. Beauty is anchored in 10 feet of water. This is looking down at the sandy bottom.




I am getting ready for sunset. Checking for internet… Nope noneAnnoyed




Look what came for a visit. We have no clue what it is but it looks like a fish or small shark. Maybe I should buy a book on fish for dummies.




Maybe you can make it out better in this picture. The breeze is making ripples on the water that makes it hard to see.




Our Sunset picture on the WARDERICK CAY.



8 thoughts on “Our First day in the Exumas at Norman’s Cay and Passage to Warderick Well’s Cay

  1. Took a couple great hikes at Warderick…go to Boo Boo with your boat name on driftwood 🙂 I think that fish is a Remora (spelling?) They hang out under your boat and eat most leftovers. Do not eat them!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It is a Barracuda…….I did not see a sign that wanted 10 dollars to land on beach………perhaps it is new, reading your blog is bringing back great memories for me…..thanks so much for sharing.


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