Blow Holes and Boo Boo Hill Trail in Exumas

Good morning or Good Afternoon which ever it may be. We just wanted to share our stroll along the Blow Hole and Boo Boo Hill trail here at Warderick Wells Cay, Land and Sea Park.  I have to laugh, We pulled the dinghy upon to shore and the sign read $10.00 to park dinghy and $10 a person to help persevere the park.  For all our boater friends the anchorage here is great nice sandy bottom. They also have mooring balls for $30 dollars a night. If you are 90 feet or longer you have to pay $200 dollars a night just to anchor in the bay. What we found amazing is there are mooring balls throughout the area between all the different Islands. We are cheap; we just anchored and it was fantastic.



Bryce landing our dinghy on shore. He is doing a great job. One of the beaches we were at; Jaws beach, the tide came in while we were talking to a boater and the dinghy started to floated away.




We walked up to pay our dues for landing on the beach.  I should say it doesn’t matter; you have to pay to land on the beach too.  We had to wait for the office to open in a few minutes. That is when we met two crew members from the super yacht FREEDOM. They were dressed in their white uniforms like cute little sailors. One was from Canada and the other of South Africa. Very nice guys. Well, the lady arrived and opened the doors and she gave us a map to follow to BOO BOO Hill. Bryce looked at the map and lead us through the path. I asked if we were on the right trail and he replied “Yes, I looked at the map”. I mumbled under my breath it looks like a sewage pit! I was was uncomfortable . Soon he looked and I started laughing “Jane this looks like their sewage area.” But there were trail markers.   


See the round pit behind me? Sewage? Yes I do think I am right. Bryce finally stopped and looked at the map again. Yep, we were on the wrong trail we have to head back to the beach and take the trail on the East side. Sarcastic smile




Back at the beach we stopped to see the 52 foot sperm whale skeleton that came up on shore in July 1995.




Have you ever heard of Conch? I never did till we got down to the Florida Keys. Now that I see one close up and personal… No! this is not going down my throat. We found a live Conch in the water on the beach.  It is a big thing down here. Later, we saw him crawling back in the deep water.  You can see his foot inside this shell.




Bryce put her back into the water had she started to crawl away.




Awe..Yes, we found the correct trail. We stopped to read the sign.  We will share it with you.




So we entered the trail. We saw so many lizards.  I must say the trail is very hard to walk on. It’s made of what looks like volcanic rock in a lot of places.  At first I wondered if we would see sandy trails.




Another sign. I am even learning about the Mangroves here.




You can see the rock I was talking about on this trail.




OM (OH..MY) the trail came to a creek; Banshee Creek.  I must admit, I was a bit leery about crossing it. But I bit my lip and told Bryce he had to catch me if it went over my head… LOL, It felt so warm and never got over my knees. 




I made it and the trail is turning to sand.




This is just so pretty.  But it is also very warm.  We kept seeing these signs that say BOO BOO Hill Trail.




We walked up hills… I am so glad I wore I swimsuit.. Maybe I sweated out a few pounds…LOL




YES… Bryce hurry up! We made it to the top. The water you see behind me is the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s so beautiful.




Hope you are still with us and I haven’t put you to sleep yet….. We headed to the Blow Holes first.  You might need to know that a blow hole is the air pushing up through holes in the rocks from the waves. Today there was no Blow hole geyser due to the fact that the tide was down and we only had a breeze.  That was ok, we still found the holes interesting.




Doesn’t Bryce look cute carrying our pink cooler bag. As he placed his hand over the hole he could feel the pressure of the air coming up. You could hear the rumbling of the waves also.




This one had two holes a lot of air pressure coming up.  One of the blow holes was so powerful, it sounded like a jet taking off.  It started us at first as we approached it.




Bryce stood on the edge of the cliff to get this photo of the hole below into the cave feeding the blow holes. See when the air and waves are high the pressure builds as the water covers this big hole and shoots water up like a geyser out of the Blow holes.  There are several on top of the hill.




This signs explains it much better then I can…




Ok, enough of the blow holes. We started back and Bryce asked if I wanted to see the BOO BOO HILL . Of course I hesitated; like I always do. I was hot… But of course I didn’t want to miss it.  OM.. The view is unbelievable up here. This view is of one of the mooring areas in one of the cays.




I did not know this. I might of searched for a piece of drift wood to leave behind.  I will say a prayer instead. 




This is a small view of the wood plackets that people leave behind. These are typically the names of the boats that stopped by and left an indication of their visit.  I am glad I followed Bryce up here.




This little guy was having a blast running around the pile of draft wood.




We can really see a good view of some of the Islands up here.




You see the white ball in front of this sailboat? That is a mooring ball. We see them in and out of the Islands.




Here you see Beauty at anchor in the Park.  We are surprised by the huge number of boats in the Bahamas.  Each anchorage has 5-10 boats over night.  There were 7 super yachts anchored further out.  We did not feel so bad bringing a jetski because the super yachts were often carrying 4 of them!!  There were quite a few jet skis in this area.



Well. We are now back on Beauty. The air has chilled off and I am having a cup of tea. Thank you for joining us today it was a pleasure.



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  1. Awesome pics! I loved it down there, in the Carribean. The color of the water is a pretty blue. Now you know the color Carribean blue, first hand.

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