PIGs near Staniel Cay in Exumas

Well, we have entertainment here. We were told about this; but, first hand view is awesome. The anchorage is really good all sandy and you can get close to the beach. The depth is 10 feet . The bay is full of boaters from all over the world. Tonight we are going to enjoy the company of some new friends we meet from Germany Uwa and Eva. Staniel Cay has lots of shops on the island; Post office, BTC Telephones, Trash $2.50/5.00 depends on the sizes of bag, Library, along with much more. For you boaters you will enjoy this part of the Exumas.  I am so looking forward to shopping. I guess I should say I need a few hours on land too. For most of us after the Park it’s nice to arrive here to get back on the Wifi. Staniel Cay is the hot spot to be; we are actually anchored off of “Big Major Spot”.

Anchored in 10 feet..



Back to the pigs. Wild pigs wander around the beach here. You can look at the beach and it looks normal but when the pigs hear/see the sound of a boat or dinghy come close to shore, they appear from the trees expecting you to have food. People save there dinner scraps to take to shore to feed the pigs. They will eat right out of your hand. I laughed when I watched a pig come behind a girl and head butt her in the rear wanting some more food. It appears they drink salt water. Maybe that is why ham is salty… LOL




Here is a picture of one of the pigs going up to a hard sided dinghy looking for something to much on. I would hate for one to put a hole in our soft sided dinghy.




People come from all over just to feed these pigs. I just love watching. Some of them swim out to the boats.




We took a dinghy ride around the shoreline. I would like to know if anyone knows what type of rock this is.  Our view is just amazing. I think it might be time to do some kayaking.  We pulled up on the shore here and walked a bit.




We even saw caves cut into the rocks




We need to take our snorkel gear with us on our expedition. 




Looks like some boaters made themselves at home.  Party time tonight.




Relaxing in my chair. Bryce saw a huge shark. I was a bit nervous to get in the water. One of the couples we meet said it was a nurse shark and would not hurt you. 




I didn’t know you could get a blow up waterslide for your boat. This is really cool; it must be at least 30 feet high!! I would hate to land on a not so desirable sea creature. I could do this in the Great Lakes Turtle Several boats in the harbor have slides.




Once again, Thank you all for following us. We really look forward to reading your comments and answering any questions/comments.

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