Snorkeling without a camera Staniel Cay, Exhumas

What a beautiful day. I have to chuckle..when we were in Marathon, Bryce went swimming with the go-pro with the water proof case, but did not notice it had the non-water-proof back and it destroyed the go-pro. So we went and bought a Kodak water proof camera. Then in Chub Cay (Berry Islands) he went swimming with the Kodak. Not sure what happened, but saltwater leaked in and destroyed the camera. Now, where do we buy a new underwater camera is the question?

With this said I will show you some photos of the area we jet-skied and snorkeled.

We jet-skied around the area and found some wonderful areas. This picture shows the Atlantic Ocean reaching itself into Little Bahamas Bank.  



In this photo it looks like the waves of the many storms are creating a slide in the center.




The current moves swiftly along this point. if you can see on top of the rocks it looks like they are growing finger like fossils




We wanted to snorkel here because it was so clear. Unfortunately the current didn’t let us.  I like the palm trees.




I am thinking we are looking at a new beach in the future. You can see that the waves are turning the rocks in to sand.




We did do some awesome snorkeling and saw a sea turtle Turtle and various little blue and yellow fish and coral.  The kind of fish you often see in salt water aquariums.  We enjoyed our evening with Eva and Uwe from Germany. What a great couple. They are here in a trawler and have been coming to the Bahamas for decades.




Bryce and Uwe going over different routes.  Bryce needs to put his glasses on.. LOL  Either that or he had one too many!!




This was the view as Eva and Uwe left. The big Yachts all have generators that run 24/7.  So they are all lit up at night.  This boat is anchored behind us.  I like the water lights.  Staniel Cay has a lot of boats anchored nearby from 30 feet to 300 feet.  Probably 30 boats anchored here.  We are surprised how many boats are in the Exumas.  When we are traveling between Cays, we see dozens of boats sailing and motoring.  Many of the Super Yachts are following us south.. or we are following them.




Here is a picture during the daytime.. “Easy Rider” is a 116 foot Hatteras.  You can see it on the web at



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