Staniel Cay to The Great Guana Cay and a short hop to Famers Cay in the Exumas

Staniel Cay

We spent the afternoon preparing to pull up anchorage, We had to top off the fuel tanks so we took three trips by jet-ski to the dinghy docks to fill up cans.  I had forgotten it was Friday and tour boats were coming into Staniel Cay with tourist to show them the pigs. As we deflated blow up rafts and cleaned a bit we watched a sea plan come in to the beach area too. He just motored right through the anchorage area. That either took skill or was “plane” silly! LOL It was neat to watch. Staniel was a great stop for us. We enjoyed sitting on the bow and watching people gather on the beach with their carrots to feed the pigs.  We could here the voices laughing and the pigs squealing.




The Plane puttered through the anchorage and passed about 100 feet from us.  It was cool to watch. The pilot and passengers waved as they passed by.




The telephoto lens on the camera makes it look close to the boat and dingy.  But there was plenty of room.




The kids took selfies and videos as they fed the pigs.




Tour boats brought tourists by the droves to see the pigs.




Bryce is carrying diesel fuel from the fuel dock to the dingy beach to load on the jet ski.  The dock was so high, it was impossible to load from the dock to the jet ski.  We felt uncomfortable bringing the boat here.




They had a great dingy landing right in front of the restaurant. Complete with a stone break water.




Great Guana Cay

Bryce and I took a short cruise to Great Guana Cay it is only 14 miles.  We set anchor just off the beach. It was as smooth as silk. it was about two hours before sunset so we loaded up our play toys and off to the beach we went.




Now it was time to play. Normally I put my snorkel gear on when I am on the Jet-ski and jump in. This time I put them on while on the beach I must say it was fun learning to walk with fins on.  BTW.. Beauty is the middle boat in the background.




The water is so warm it feels so good to snorkel around the area. We didn’t really see much except a bit of seaweed.  We need to head over to the rocks.




After snorkeling we sat on the beach and another couple stopped by to say hello. Brenda and Alan they are traveling on their homemade catamaran. The spent 35 years building their dream boat.




This is their dream Catamaran.  It actually is bigger than it looks.  My guess is over 40 feet.  Interesting boom on the jib.




The sun started to set, so Bryce and I enjoyed the view.




Little Farmers Cay

Morning came and it was so welcome. Our flat Ocean turned into rollers and we rolled all night. Normally Bryce puts a rear anchor out to face us into the rollers.  But he was a bit lazy that night. So we pulled up anchor first thing and headed on to Little Farmers Cay.  We arrived early so we went exploring. This photo show a rock called Oven Rock.  Any guesses why it is called oven rock??




Bryce anchored the jet ski near the rocks, out of the waves so we could go exploring.




We walked along the shore looking for a path that is supposed to lead us to a pond in the middle of the Island. So we continued to search for it..




We found some cool rocks




We searched and searched for the trail that would lead us to the pond and couldn’t find it Crying face




Many Islands we explored had some trash… I say it’s  because of the winds and storms that they have down here.  This year was apparently legendary for high winds and nearly constant “Northers” in the Bahamas during January and February.  We are glad we stayed safely tucked away in Florida during this time.




We have seen a number of sunken boats in the Bahamas. When I see this, I think that someone once had a dream that now lies on its side on the shores of a small island in the Bahamas. 




Ty’s restaurant on the point at Little Farmers. It is worth the stop. Prices are very reasonable and the staff is friendly. You can play volleyball or just relax on the beach. The little house to your right is a shower house, so you can rinse off the salt water. This restaurant is very clean with a great relaxed ambiance.




What a great menu.. I had the Grilled Lobster and Bryce had Angus Beef (boring)LOL..  Our meals were so delicious.  Other boaters came in and we had a great visit with them also.




Enjoying our evening with each other and our days and afternoons… LOL I have been asked how can you spend to much time with your husband in such a small area. My answer is easy. He is not just my husband but throughout the years he also became my Best friend. I cannot wait to wake up every day and see what we are going to explore together. Enough mushy stuff. 




I had to place my return stone. It’s the tinniest one on top.  Once again Thank you for following us.  If you have questions or comments

please reach out to usSmile 



2 thoughts on “Staniel Cay to The Great Guana Cay and a short hop to Famers Cay in the Exumas

  1. Hi, I met you guys in the bay by St Clair Metropark, MI over the summer. I was in my Catalina 22 (Blue Latitudes). I’ve really been enjoying your blog….. Todd


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