Galliot Cut to the Atlantic Ocean headed to Georgetown, Exumas-Bahamas

Island with a palm tree WOW… The Atlantic Ocean was so nice to us.. What a perfect day to sail. I mean no running the diesel; strictly wind. It was also so hot which made it a pool day. We are loving this. It is so magical when the sails are up. I just love sitting on the bow and looking off into the deep purple ocean. We are headed to our most southern part of our trip from this adventure: George Town.  We are going to be in George Town for around 4 days to fill up water tanks and diesel and doing the next round of provisioning and waiting for the weather. We have been on the anchor now for 20 days. We did a great job before we left Marathon on stocking up on food and boozeMartini glass.  We only need a few things to keep us going.

  As we enter  the Galliot Cut from Little Bahamas Bank we entered a 4 mile an hour current taking us into the Atlantic. The current was caused by an out-going tide.  Boy, we were moving.  LOL, these wave are caused by the current only. The say This current can reach out to a mile off shore. 




Other then speed she really didn’t effect Beauty.  We were nearly 1/2 mile out at this point.  Standing waves of about 3 feet are here. 




I just cannot get over the deep blue/purple the water is. It is so rich in color.




It’s still early morning but the sails are full of wind and the sun is bright. Sun Can you see the purple in the water? Patti; thank you for the shirt. (BEAUTY) is in pink. Notice how calm the water is.  Beam wind was about 10 knots from shore.  Could not be better.




As we entered Elizabeth Harbor at George Town, we could see the bottom here at 48 feet.  Also notice the detail of the Garmin chart plotter of the Bahamas.  The charts are just as good as the Explorer Charts.




This is at 48 feet. It shows sand, rock and seaweed. Can you see the bottom?




After a day full of sun and wind we made it to George Town.  The harbor is full of boats as far as the eye could see. It is just awesome to see all the boats; sail or power.




The following morning after Bryce finished up with work we finally made it out we took the jet-ski to see the harbor.  What a nice place. We came upon Chat ‘N’ Chill on the beach.




T-shirt galore!! Donate your signature shirt and they will hang it up in the bar. There are so many shirts in here.





I think Bryce likes to carry my bag. I tease him and call it a mans bag.  What a guy; taking good care of his wife’s bag.




People walk along the beach. It has great sand to anchor in.




After a day of so many trips to collect water and diesel, it’s time to veg-out and enjoy calmness. Wind are turning North I can feel the chill in the air.





Even George is veg-n-out … Well the winds are now North at 17.5 knots time to sleep through it.



Thanks to you all for your encouragement/support  on our adventure. If you have questions or comments please reach-out to us. Have a great day. 

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