A visit through Georgetown, Exhumas, Bahamas

We anchored just off of Georgetown.  We took a jet-ski ride into Georgetown. Georgetown is known as the center of cruising grounds in the Bahamas. Especially for boaters going further south . They also offer Internet, banks & ATMs, Shopping, Post office, laundry, library, police and lets not forget trash it cost $2 for small bag and $3 for big bag. If you have a pet there is also a veterinarian too.   I have to tell you when we first came into town, I couldn’t believe the tiny little cut into the bay for the  dinghy doc. I got a kick out of the sign it says NO Wake! I think we are the only ones who know how to read. LOL. The current going in or out is really fast during tide changes.  We tied up to the dinghy doc  to enjoy our day of exploring.




Here Bryce is tying the jet-ski up to the doc. Not much different than a dinghy. Well, it is thinner Smile




Our first stop was to check out one of the local market to see if they had Pepsi in stock.  Unfortunately they only had Cherry Pepsi.  We also restocked our provisions at this store.




If you are looking for gas or diesel, just pull the dingy up to this dock and walk to the Shell with your cans.  Just don’t try to pull your sail boat in here.  It won’t fit under the tiny bridge.




I have to laugh. As we left the store we started our walk when we noticed other tourists. They were talking about getting ice cream.  Bryce and I looked at each other and smiled: ice-cream. Of course we didn’t know where it was. Then the girl said some locals said it is behind this building in the rear. We followed them and we all found the store. Ice-cream to us is like a cookie to the cookie monster. LOL

Well, pink as most of you know is one of my favorite colors and this town just shines with the colors from pink to green, blue Yellows. So much colors; it so pretty.




We went on with our exploring adventure. We found a tent with local merchants selling their goods. Bryce is in search for a visor because his blew off somewhere in the Ocean. 




Okay, so pink is my color. I don’t want to end up here. LOL It’s the police station.




Sandpipers is the upscale women’s clothing store in Georgetown.  I found a shirt that I really wanted; but paying $134.99 for a 100 percent cotton designer shirt.  Well, I just could not justify it.  




If you don’t have your snorkel gear you can buy what you need here: Mini Water Sports.




St. Andrew’s Anglican Church. Very pretty. Bryce found some 3M buffing product here that he has a hard time finding in the U.S. That’s funny.




Apparently there are special events here in Georgetown. The Cruising Regatta and Talent Show held every year around the end of February and well into March.  There are so many activities that anyone can participate in.  We “Regret” we missed it.




Top to Bottom has to be the coolest store for both men and women.  I wasn’t for sure what to expect when I opened the door.  It’s like a hardware store and miscellaneous store for your boat or home.  Lots of boating supplies.  Interesting the only anchors they carry are TRUE “Danforth Super Hookers” for every size boat up to about 50 foot.  Apparently the anchor of choice for the locals.  Makes sense in that every place we anchored was sand.  Danforth’s are legendary in sand.




Okay, I bought my Bahamas Ricardo Coconut Rum… it is the Product of the Bahamas. I also will try a Merlot that they recommend it’s a Pasqua from Italy.  April, if you are reading this, you are right about the prices on the liquor; some are very low.




Bryce took our booze back to the jet-ski so we could stop and try a bottle of Kalik; the Bahamas beer.




This is the local internet café. Just order food or a drink and they let you use the internet for free…LOL I had my Kalik Bahamas beer. Actually, I thought it was good. 




We headed down to the electronic store still looking for a waterproof camera. We found out no one carried the waterproof camera with a digital chip. We did find a film camera waterproof. But really, I don’t even know if I could find a film developer. LOL




We found The Corner Laundromat.




We stopped at the Exumas Market to pick a few items at the end of our day.



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