Leaving Georgetown Exumas-Bahamas

Well, I must say and really don’t want to, but we have gone to our furthest South most point.  We are headed back up to the U.S. But with lots more stops in the Exumas to the Eleuthera and Abacos yet to come. What a great time in the South Bahamas-Exumas.  We cannot wait to start another adventure. We want to go further South. Yesterday we did some more exploring and snorkeling and had lunch at Chat and Chill beach. What a nice day even with the strong Northern winds.  One thing a cruiser has to get used to in the Bahamas are the constant winds with periodic Northers.


The map shows our Southern most stop at Georgetown in the Exumas Bahamas




Bryce is setting the anchor. It is a cute little 2 pound Bruce anchor. The other day when we were is we saw sting-rays but not today. 




Thought I would show you more T-shirts hanging. We never know who is looking at these pics. if you have been here before and left a shirt you could see it here. LOL




I am enjoying a Bahama-Momma Drink. It has Pineapple, Orange, Dark coconut rum and grenadine.   




Never mind me, I just wanted to introduce you all to our bartender Shepard.  He is really cool.   He is originally from Nassau.




Kendra on the left in the white shirt is also a Bartender and Nicolette is the Gift shop and sales rep. 




We took a walk along the beach and found my Margaretville.. LOL It’s 5 o’clock somewhere right..Island with a palm tree 




As much as I like to play on the swings, I told Bryce he had to get off the old mans chair and find a challenge…




Well, he did. He doesn’t normally listen to me, but this is the man I know. He is always climbing on something.  I studied the two people on the type rope. It looks like fun.




Okay, after two drinks, I had to play also.




Woo. What a stack of emties after the party.




A nice view of the anchorage in front of Chatt & Chill.




I found another rock formation and added another “I will return rock”.




We snorkeled around this reef. We saw many different types of fish including a sea-urchin. It looks like a globe porcupine to me. We saw a small Barracuda, a Gar and many colorful small fish.  A swim dress is not a good swimsuit to snorkel in.  




Well, thank goodness the tide is coming in. I better collect Bryce and head back to the boat.



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