Exploring Bitter Guana Cay, Exumas, Bahamas


What a beautiful day! With the wind blowing and the waves building we are tucked behind a North East protective barrier called Dotham Point near the Black Point Settlement on Great Guana Cay, Exumas. We spent the evening of the second night socializing with Eva and Uwe on their trawler. However after two days, we need to get out. So we took out the jet ski and headed back up to Staniel Cay to get more diesel and explore. We drove along the shoreline to protect us against the waves. Well before we even got past the first point, I got drenched with the spray from a number of waves. My hair and makeup was done. Well, I guess that’s what happens when you jet-ski in 20 knot winds. LOL


I tapped Bryce on the shoulder and told him he was buying me lunch after such a crazy ride. Actually, the closer we got to the shoreline the smoother it was. We had a few areas where cuts from the Atlantic and the tide gave us some current and waves to cross but it wasn’t horrible because it was still an out going tide.  The cuts were Dotham Cut and Lumber Cay Cut.


This is the Staniel Cay Yacht Club restaurant where Bryce took me for lunch.  It was about a 5 mile ride from Black Point. It seems they collect other Yacht Club flags from all around the world.




Now the jugs are full and lunch was great. It’s time to do some exploring. 




Our first stop was a welcome one at the northernmost end of Bitter Guana Cay.  With the “Norther” winds, I was so cold after once again getting a face full of Ocean water. It’s funny.. because the water is nice and warm but that darn North wind puts a chill on me.  My swim-dress took a while to dry out too.  This area is so pretty with the white cliffs  and sandy beach.




Oh my, look what we found as we strolled along the beach. The Northern Bahamian rock iguana. These are a type of Lizards that are found in the areas of Exuma, Andro Islands  These are on the endangered list. The population is less than 5,000




We noticed as we walked the beach that they were coming out of hiding. They only let you get so close and we did see a sign that said to not touch the iguanas.   These guys are anywhere from about 2-4 feet long.




Now, notice the overhang on the rock? I wanted to climb up and hang my feet off.  LOL, It looks like an avalanche waiting to happen. There is a small cave where the iguanas go in. It might be their home.




Here a a few of them resting in the cave. If that avalanche ever happens, we will lose a few of those 5,000 iguanas. Iguanas are herbivorous consuming such things as leaves, flowers, and fruits.




I read that the cause of decline is due to human hunting and the Feral pigs will dig up the eggs of the iguanas and eat them. We also noticed a no dog on beach sign. That is because Feral and domestic dogs/goats prey on the juvenile and adult iguanas. 




Okay, enough on the iguanas. We decided it was time to head back out and see what else we could find. this was our view as we jet-skied away.




We went around a few more points and found a rocky area with just enough sandy area to stand on. Notice the nice calm water.  So we pulled up and walked a hundred feet over the rocks  to see what else  we could see.




Holy sham-moly.  A hundred feet from calm waters on the Exumas Bank side is the Atlantic side with the Northern winds and waves hammering upon its shores.  Only a few miles out, the Ocean depth is 3000 feet.




And this is why we are waiting at Black Point, Great Guana Cay hiding from the winds & waves.




We have seen too many dreams that ended like this….. It appears she lost her rudder during some bad storm and was washed up on the shallows.  This was in a small bay that perhaps she was seeking refuge in.  Two anchor lines still hang off her bow.




We found the tiller rudder about 30 feet away laying under the water.




Once again, Thanks for following us.

5 thoughts on “Exploring Bitter Guana Cay, Exumas, Bahamas

  1. Hello Jane and Bryce, had not followed you in a while so had a lot to catch up on!! What a fantastic adventure you have had. We are headed back to Michigan on the 30th of this month and if you get back over this way by then our offer still stands to take you around our area and out to dinner. Stay safe and enjoy yourselves!! Best wishes
    Benda and Jack Moran

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    1. Hello Brenda
      Welcome back😊 I am thinking we might just miss each other. We have to be in the Carolinas by June First. For our insurance reasons. So we are planing to be in Florida around the 1st week of May😔.
      If we miss each other let us know when you are in Michigan again would love to meet up with you two.
      Safe travels


  2. You are right we will definitely miss each other, we will be in Michigan by the 2nd of May. Glad you guys have had a good trip (pictures are fantastic!) Stay safe and by all means it would be great to sit and talk with you both for a while. Send me an E mail when you get back and lets see what we can arrange.! Have a safe trip back .
    Brenda and Jack

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