Leaving the Exhumas, entering the Eleutheras in Bahamas

Leaving Black Point last Tuesday to make it back up near the Exumas Park we left in 15 knots winds and some waves.  I learned one thing  in the Bahamas Bank headed north, a 15/17 knot wind coming from the East is your friend.  We had the best sail yet. But there is one thing we didn’t do. I owe Eva & Uwe an apology. We had one of our best nights with you two and didn’t even say good bye. Anyways, Safe travels our friends. We made North of Highborne and anchored near the Cay. We took a jet ski ride into the marina to check out the fuel docks and other accommodations. The attendant told us they were out of diesel but a barge would be in around 7 a.m. in the morning.   I have to chuckle; the sign on the dock said” Beware of our Sharks”. I thought it was a joke. Then Bryce pointed at a huge dark spot. There was at least 8 sharks. Well, I wasn’t going swimming.


See the sign to the left? and all those dark spots are sharks.




Not, having a water camera might be a blessing. I an sure Bryce might of tried to get an underwater photo of these fishes that are waiting to be eaten by the sharks!  If you can see these fish can you tell me if I am looking at a tuna?




As we sailed out of Highborne, I thought it was going to be a horrible afternoon for sailing. Yet it was another spectacular sailing adventure for us.  I always park my rear upon deck when the weather is nice enough. LOL Today it was hot.. I need to keep the sun off me, so I added my umbrella to my chair. 




Bryce came up and said the GPS says  we are going into a dangerous rock area!  Now, for those of you who don’t know how to read a GPS, the pink line is our intended trail (sailing Line) to be correct. I didn’t think anything of it; looks like we will miss it.  When you read the chart notes, it says: “Unsure of position or depth”.  So we do not know if these rocks are 1 foot below or 20 feet below.  We also do not know if the plot is correct.  The water depth in this area was 22 feet.




OH.. My.. What am I looking at.  This is no joking matter.  I thought we were in a UFO field. LOL There had to be dozens of these patches of rock areas.  The GPS did no justice to this area. We were sailing like drunken sailors to avoid rock patches.  Look how round these are.  Can you see where I get the UFO idea in my head? Most rocks appeared quite deep.  We passed over one where the depth went from 22 feet to 16 feet.  Generally, it turns quite light green when it becomes very shallow.




Up close view. I didn’t have my better lens on the camera to get an over view. I was acting like a traffic cop again pointing out all the round rocky areas (UFO landing areas.) LOL to avoid. Smile




I just wanted to share with you the most awesome view of the clear  water here as we sailed across the Bahamas bank. We could see the sandy bottom for miles. the depth average was 10 feet at low tide.




As we neared the channel at Current Island, I think we where both a bit nervous. We went in with a near high tide (thank you GOD for GPS) We followed our route perfect! there was no room for errors here as we entered the (Current island area)  The Chart book reads. Check your tide tables before entering the current Cut.    “The current is strong and it floods into the ebbs off the bank. A sailboat or slower trawler may be unable to go against the spring flow tides.” Ok, so I am biting my nailsSurprised smile


This beautiful area is on a come back from the devistation of Andrew (Hurricane) with a category 5.  In 1992 winds 175 mph.  You can see the Challenge here; we could not get too close to this point.  It was very shallow extending well to the right of this point. We were going in doing 4.5 mph. We hit a 5 mph current and ended up doing 9.5 mph. I guess my statement here is NEVER enter this area without a good GPS and charts.




These are the government  docs getting rebuilt after Andrew.




After we made a hard port (left) turn I noticed this area. “Welcome to Current Island. Kellys open,  one stop shop restaurant , bar cool drink, spice, food.” The issue here is a 5 mph current.  It might be best to take the channel leading straight into the cut rather than the more direct route (from Exumas) we took.




We noticed local men fishing here off the point.  This is the exit of the cut.




We had 30 minutes to find a spot where we were going to anchor before dust. Boy it looks like we might get hit with rain. 




Bryce looked up at the wind indicator and said no rain for Beauty. The wind is blowing it away from us. He was right. we just got to look at the amazing sky.



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