Little Falls, New York

The following morning, after Bryce finished up as always with work, we headed up to Lock E-16 (Johnsville lock). It was only 6.9 miles away. We followed the canal up to E-17; the Little Falls area.  I wanted to stay there over night providing  they have any room available at the City docks.  You are not allowed to tie off at lock E-17.  This area is so hilly with steep rocky cliffs.  Moss Island is a popular area for climbers. Another neat piece of history is Redco Food INC is a private company that makes tea here.


This is the E-16 Johnsville lock. It had a 20.5 foot lift. It was preparing me for Lock E-17 with a 40.5 foot lift.



Here is the E-17 Little Falls lock. I was a nervous wreck!! Freaking- out  as always of the unknown. I heard this was a difficult lock because of the 40.5 foot lift.  Little Falls provides the largest lift in the lock system. It also is unusual because of the guillotine door.  This door raises instead of the hinged door.  It’s funny because any one on deck will get wet as you enter the lock.  The picture below shows the guillotine in the raised position.



Excuse my hair.. but if you look I am holding on a line and Bryce is holding onto the bow line. This is the only thing you have to secure your boat. My stomach was so upset.  I was nervous.   I think, I was more upset that I was upset that I had to settle my self down. The lock operator was awesome. He let the water in slowly so it didn’t create a monster  whirlpool.  It was awesome!!!! I thanked him.  This picture shows the closed guillotine door behind the boat.



On the West side of the lock you can see that this side has the hinged doors. It’s leery to see the water leaking through the doors.  As we drove the sailboat into the lock I kept thinking; darn, I sure hope those doors don’t collapse with all that pressure.



Look I am smiling…. We only have a few more feet to go up. Life is good.



This is the view as we past through the lock on the upper side.  This lock appears to be at a big cut in the mountains



Now we haven’t see this type of dam before. This dam has a hydraulic machine with an arm on it to remove the debris from around the dam gate.



This I believe is the water tower…. that welcomes everyone to Little Falls…LOL



Now this is one of the many gates on the canal that they close to drain a portion of the canal so they can work on the locks and dams.



We were able to tie up to the plastic dock and enjoy two nights here. It cost a 1 dollar a foot. We were able to get power and water along with nice clean showers.



Shortly after we tied up, we headed out for a walk to check out the town. What a beautiful area to explore.



This is a land view of the Erie canal that we were just on.



As we headed into town, we passed two young boys just having a great time.



I just think this is such a neat building.  I love the rock bed foundation; it shows its history. Kind of like the Flintstones.  LOL



You know as we cruised by this beautiful area, I didn’t realized how magnificent it was until we took our walk. It was very magical as we walked the streets holding hands and laughing as we talked about our adventure over the last year. I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Can’t wait for the next one and we aren’t done with this one yet.



I thought this was neat. Here was crochet and net things on most of the chairs, trees, bike racks, etc.



I’ve been trying to figure out what this building is… maybe at one time it was a school. I see curtains in the windows now.



This is the North side water fall.  The bridge in the far background takes you to the tea factory.   Perhaps this is why they call the town Little Falls.  This runs directly next to the tow.



Little Falls reminds me of a town you would see in the old western movies. It has to be one of the cleanest towns we have been in.



Look at the top of the building.. It remains me of a widow  walk. That is where people go to watch the ships come back into town after a long day out to sea.   the legend go like this “ The faithful and dedicated wife, performing her daily circumambulations on the cold and lonely widow’s walk; The next sail to top the horizon may carry her husband, gone to sea these many years. But not today. The sunsets brings to close her lonely vigil for this day. Perhaps, though the much anticipated vision will appear tomorrow and if not tomorrow, the next day.”    Don’t think the widow walk on this building is the same reason as the poem but it sure is pretty.



Okay so Bryce took me out for dinner. I chuckled as I agreed to eat here… It has been many years since I had a Big Mac. For those who know me, I am a calorie counter.  One Big Mac only 550 calories…LOL I think I will have to wait till we get back to worry about weight. It sure did taste good.



Okay, maybe it’s time to show you our journey so far.  The dots are closing in…..



I think they did this on purpose.  Every pot of flowers had the same flowers in the same arrangement as the next. Boy, they sure had pretty flowers.



As always thank you for following us..

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