St. Augustine, Florida

What a great place. We arrived here Day after we left Daytona beach. The first night we anchored just south of St. Augustine after we crossed the rapids of the Intracoastal Water Way.  That last time we crossed here 2 years ago we had a current pushing us to 9 knots. This was a different experience this year. The tide was high so it was quite flat; not much of a current. Well with that said, we arrived at our anchorage the same one that two years ago we wrapped our line around out keel.  I was a bit nervous. I just didn’t want to deal with that issue again. Well all that started well ended up well! No issues. We latter pulled up anchor and headed into the mooring field where we had mooring ball 7 reserved  in the North mooring. With a 20 foot depth. That is great with the 4 foot tide they have here. On Friday the winds piped up again.

Another sunken sailboat as we passed through another bascule bridge.


I am thinking if any of you are in the market to purchase a new business this might be for sale.


I had to laugh.. I think I might have the same photo from the first trip. I call this the bones house.


I know this doesn’t look like much, but this is the area off marker 91-A where the rapids were. Last year we hit 9 knots here. This year not so much because of high tide. But this was a Goldschlager moment for Bryce and he doesn’t have too many of them. LOL 


This is another place I thought was cool with the fishes head. It’s a B&B


I started laughing and said, “Look Bryce, train tracks leading into the water.” LOL He replied “No silly those tracks are how they pull a boat in and out of the water”  Well they look like train tracks to me!LOL


Okay we are on Ball 7, North mooring field as I said above.  As we were getting ready to go into St. Augustine a couple came over and started talking to us, Bill  and Rebecca from Moonlight Serenade.  We ended up making evening plans with them to come over after we came back from town. What a great night. Rebecca and I even WII (Wee) bowled. LOL It was a fun night.


We had dinner at Harry’s Seafood Bar & grill.


The next night, we ate at Probation Restaurant. I had the Blue Crab Pot Pie. It was very delicious.


Okay, I found this out fit here. I really.. really want It. But I cannot justify the price so I go to the website and it’s down!!! That makes me so mad!!


This is the outfit (Green one) isn’t it so cute?


We once again ran into Mel & Brian from Ohio.  We ate at Scarlett O’hara. Well they are continuing on with their journey back up to Ohio. The next time we meet will probably be on Lake Eire this summer. Safe travels our friends  


We  woke up in the middle of the night the winds once again has it the 22knot mark! We are planning on leaving on Saturday morning for our next anchorage. The winds don’t seem to be changing for the weekend.  We expect our anchorage to be much more comfortable than this mooring ball.



Thanks for following our blog!Red rose

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