Jacksonville, Florida

It’s wrapping up soon

Well we left St. Augustine a few days ago.  We sailed and did some motor-sailing on our way up the ICW. The closer we get to Jacksonville I began to lose my motivation.  Last night was our last night anchored out on Beauty till December.  I know I shouldn’t be sad but I am.  She has become part of my inner soul. I am going to be missing her terribly. With that said, we will be looking forward our new adventures in December 2018.  We will be making a trip or two down to Florida to check on her this summer.

Over this next week we are staying in a marina close to Green Cove Springs to dismount the sails.  All electric and nothing of any value will stay on her during storage.  I will keep you all updated this week.

As we sailed up the ICW towards Jacksonville we said our goodbyes to St. Augustine till next December.   These are a few boats on mooring balls.


Winds were awesome so we put up our head sail.


A dry dock for the Military vessels where the intra-coastal meets the St Johns Inlet.


Looks like a mega-yacht is being worked on.


A few other ships near by.


What a pretty tug.  Its the Gregg McAllister.


Spring has arrived in Jacksonville…Time for re-shingling.  We have been there; done that..don’t want to do it again…LOL


The winds have been perfect to sail the ICW.. We reached 7.5 knots Awesome!!!


I had to laugh I have never seen boats on a freighter not sure if they are imports or exports. 


Up close and personal; I can’t make out the brand (make).


This dry dock has a freighter getting repaired.


Our last night anchored out on Beauty near Exchange Island.  About 8 miles from Ortega river.  Last anchor till December.  What a great night it was.  We had rain falling all night; washing the salt water off her before we hit fresh water where she’ll  get a good cleaning.


As always thanks for following us!Red rose

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