Halleluiah We Have Launched

Wow…We are back. After an amazing summer on Boatnicks, Now for a few fabulous months we will see where the wind takes us. It’s is funny I was actually a bit scared to leave Sailbeauty at Green Coves Springs, however; It turned out to be a nice place. It really isn’t just a marina but also a boat yard to work on your boat or they have what is called long term storage. We had her moved to the work area a few days before we arrived. Only to find a tad bit of a mess. Not due to Green cove Springs but to nature. One of our port side windows leaked so we had a bit to clean up. It never fails that I make more out of it than what it is. I freaked-out and cried a bit like a child with a broken toy. Only to find out after I cleaned the mess up everything was fine. Bryce buffed and waxed her along with two more coats of bottom paint.  Boy she sure does look pretty. I am not sure why but when we get on her I feel so young and alive. LOL Okay after 9 days of working on her and getting her ready for launch day she is ready.

This is our girl waiting for the crew to come get her ready for launching..


John and crew first came with the long trailer to take her to the launch area. I’am smiling behind the camera Smile


For thoses who haven’t seen this done it is a bit trickier then it looks. The alingment has to be perfect. We don’t want them to drop her.


Even Patch is happy to leave. If I didn’t know better I would think she is smiling too.


My honey is so so happy. Look at that beauitful wax job. Hey noticed how cold it is in Northern Florida?


This is where they put us in. We had to wait a few hours for these two to repervision before they moved. It was a irriating to me. We checked our engines, repervisioned, put our main sail up prior to launching.  So Beauty was ready to leave and we didn’t have to hold anyone up at the launch pad.


The crew here at Green Cove Springs are not used to launching boats stern first. They like their cuostmers to go in bow first which means we would have had to undo our two back stays.  It is much easier to remove the head stay.


We are in the water with only an hour before sunset. We headed out and found a nice place to anchor about 10 miles away in St. John’s River for the night.


Thanks for reading our little blog. Red rose

2 thoughts on “Halleluiah We Have Launched

  1. Nice post Jane. It’s nice to know where you are and how things are going. Congrats on your successful launch. We are still in Portsmouth. Visiting the boat right now to make sure all is well. Then back to Nashville for Christmas. Hypnautic is on the market we have some consistent activity but no offers yet. Tom has his eye on a tt35 from great Harbour. Smaller flatter faster. We’re thinking about you all yesterday when several boats in the marina lift their Christmas lights . Trust you are all decked out for the holidays ? Love to you both and happy holidays


    1. Hello sweetie
      We think about you two often too. No lights yet. But it’s nice to be back down here. Bryce wants to get back further south to see if it gets warmer. Miss you
      Merry Christmas 🎄🎁


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