Jacksonville & Exchange Island, Florida

Good Morning Sunshine.  Our first night out anchored off St. John’s River was awesome, However; our second night which was last night was even better. After we arrived at Exchange Island there was only one more job to do. We had to hoist up our gen sail. The winds were so light it was the perfect time. Even at 61 degrees with the sunshine it was very warm. I felt like I could of had on shorts instead of long paints.

Well this is the start of our 3rd adventure. If I don’t post and you want to see where we are Trackmytour is kind of like our second blog. We track all of our anchorages and marinas where we stay. https://trackmytour.com/2p4qC


As we motored up river we passed the Jacksonville Navel Air Station, planes and helicopters flew over our boat as we passed by. It was really cool. They even have a marina.


he looked like he or she was going to hit our mast. Of course it was just an illusion.


Go…. Navy! Both Bryce’s father and my Father served in the Navy on ships


While cruising up river towards Jacksonville we also had to passe under a few bridges. Some were 64 feet clearance some were 75 feet and others we had to ask for an opening.  How about that; we passed our first Tow & barge for the season.


I think that this sign explains it all. We are in Manatee area


As we passed under one bridge you could see the next one in site. The brown arm up in the air is a rail road bridge called the FEC Strause RR bridge. Bryce called on channel 9 to okay our passage though the opening because the green light was missing and a train had just gone by. We could hear other vessels talking to the brdge operator.


This Main Street Bridge. As you can tell it has to be open for us. It didn’t take to long either for them to open it. Do you see the naked head stay on Beauty?  That is where our genoa (sail) goes.


With the few minutes to spare waiting for the bridge to open, I noticed The Christmas tree in Jacksonville Landing.


Look…. doesn’t it look like an elevator? It goes up & down


Yet another bridge. No big deal; this one we can go under…


“Good to the Last Drop” We drink it every morningSmile


Well this is Exchange Island on the Portside. We decided to take an early anchorage to put on our genoa. For those who don’t know what the gen is, it is our head sail.


Because of you I write this blog. Thank you for the motovation. Red rose

You are welcome to leave any feed back.

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