Exchange Island to ICW

     Well, it sure has been cloudy. Today is Friday; it’s supposed to be a weather alert day here. There are areas that will be hit with 5 inches of rain. Looks like a dreary crappy day. But I will keep the sunshine in my heart. I saw my first glimpse of dauphins yesterday for the season. They always make me smile.  We are cruising the ICW till the Atlantic mellows out and gets good winds. 

     Bryce works till noon M-F, so in the winter time it gives us about 5 hours a day to sail or motor and sometimes we do both.  LOL.. Remember our Little Red Engine issues last January.. OM!  Just thinking about it, it was almost a year-ago. Anyways I just wanted to let you all know the new Little Red Engine is doing very well. She huffed and puffed and turned over like a dream.

This is me enjoying my favorite seat. I have the best view. Smile My feet were getting cold so I ended up putting socks on.


As we moved along the St.John River, we could see the ships getting unloaded. The one below looks like the crates could get sweep off the vessel in a high wave action.


LOL Every time I see the name Crowley, I think of the Crowley’s stores. I don’t think they are around any longer. But I did shop there.


Okay something I haven’t done yet is take a cruise on a cruise ship. This is the “Carnival Elation” I’ll take a balcony room please..  


This little “Wollochet” is kicking up some big wakes making dock boats rock like a mixing bowl.


Is there a MOL(e) in this picture?LOL Smile


OM… if you look close enough you’ll see this looks like a Mississippi river boat. She must be getting some work done on her.


Well after we made it into the ICW we took anchorage. It was a great place too. About 300 feet off the ICW between two red buoys in about 19 feet of water.

IMG_1943 (1)

This is our little tracking map Smile 


Thanks for following us.Red rose

4 thoughts on “Exchange Island to ICW

  1. So glad to read your blog again! Looking forward to reading about this year’s excursion, especially after last year’s little red engine stories! Fair winds!


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