A Friday and Saturday Cruise of the ICW

Well, we made a decision to forgo several stops to make it to Marathon Florida Keys for Christmas. We should be able to make it as long as we get some time on the Atlantic. You know I will keep you all posted. Smile Our journey along the ICW as been slow. One thing you must remember is now we have to adjust to the tides and currents. OH.. for you who don’t know the ICW stands for Intra-coastal-water.   It’s like a river that flows between the land that protects you from the open waters of the Oceans. We have ants in our pants..LOL Bryce and I would rather continue along our adventure then sit and wait for the weather to clear out in the open waters so we travel the ICW. Sometimes we can sail, but most of the time we are motor sailing. 

ICW to St. Augustine

I get so confused on how people can just walk away from there dreams and not be accountable to clean up there mess. I know they might not have insurance but it is not up to everybody else  to clean up after them. Okay that’s just Jane’s opinion.


We are motor-sailing here. This is a fix bridge with the clearance on 65 feet. There are several of these along the ICW.


There are all kinds of vessels that run along the ICW. This is an Army Corp of Engineers boat.   He appears to take care of buoys; but not sure ACOE does that. Buoy tenders make the channel for boats. Her name is “Snell”. They are very friendly; they waved to us as we passed by.


Many of the homes had Christmas trees but my silly camera got a bit lazy and didn’t want to work.


George was starting to stir he knows it’s time for us to anchor so he can play on the deck.


St. Augustine to Daytona Beach

The following morning “Saturday” We had to call for an opening Crescent Beach Bascule Bridge. This bridge opens on signal. Bryce calls him/her on the VHF and request an opening. Most of the time they are very pleasant to speak to.


This is a view of ICW heading towards Daytona.


They have nice sandy areas I am sure in the summertime you would see people gathering here.


Another person lost their dream “Abby Normal”

lost dream

Bryce was looking at Active Captain. I love flowers. for some reason these really hold there scent. I love walking out to the cockpit just to smell them.


Well folks that is the end of our blog for the day. I wonder where Sunday will take us?

Thanks for following us. Red rose

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