ICW From Daytona to Titusville Florida.

OM! Remember, I said I wonder what Sunday would bring? Let me tell you it was a perfect start to great day. We traveled from just North of Daytona to Titusville Fl.  I stepped-out on the bow shortly after Bryce pulled up anchor; it looked like it was going to be another crappy day. But to my surprise it was an amazing day. A bit overcast with clouds; I started to walk on deck. Then I turned and said to Bryce “Would you mind getting my chair out of the Storage bin?” He looked at me with a blank look on his face “you are going to set on the bow. Isn’t it to cold?” I looked at him with a smile and said ”Not today.” Incase you don’t know, our favorite thing to do is to sit on the bow and drink our morning coffee. Okay sometimes a beer too. It has been raining and a tad to chilly to enjoy our deck. But Not today Smile 

We had a catamaran that has been passing us off and on. They ended up anchoring just down the river from us. After we started on our way we noticed they were pulling up anchor too. We had 55 miles to travel to Titusville. It took us about 8 1/2 hours. They followed us halfway then took over the lead. As they passed us We asked if they were from Germany because of their German Flag (duh). The man smiled and said yes. We took each others photo and waved as they adventured onward. 


So this is our first opening (Main Street Lift Bridge) Bridge for the day. We had a small wait but not to bad.


If you notice there are serval more bridges we have to pass under two draw bridges within a mile apart.  The second one is now being replaced.  So Yah!! no second bascule bridge.


Well, come to find out the Memorial Twin Bridges are under construction. We didn’t have to wait for another bridge. From what I understand The Daytona area along with a few other areas are replacing their bascule bridges with new bridges 65 feet tall.


Look at this Beautiful photo.. I love it. This shows dredging along the ICW.. That should make all of us boaters happy. I know it does us.. given we are  5.9 deep.


I really like their sign to direct boating traffic.


The further we traveled, the dredging was on both sides of the river.  Good thing.. this area (Ponce De Leon Inlet area) has been shoaling.


What a cute light house. I zoomed in to see it from the Halfax River. It’s The Lighthouse for the Lighthouse Boat Yard Marina


I do believe this is were they are blowing the dirt out here.  I think it will become a new beach maybe.


We also had a few locals pass us by on their daily run about. Look they have on warm clothes too.


We are getting close to the Ponce de Leon Inlet. At first we were a bit nervous. Around 3 years ago we hit a shoaling area even with following Active Captain. It took a local couple to help move us away. However with the dredging it was 15 teen feet vs 6 feet Great job people.   


We are smiling as we complete our turn towards the New Smyrna Bridge George E. Musson Memorial Bridge.


New Smyrna Bridge George E. Musson Memorial Bridge. We had a 16 minute wait it was no big deal. 


Near the New Smyrna Bridge George E. Musson Memorial Bridge is a huge sand bar. In the summer months this will be full of boats.


Even the birds like to play on the sand bar.


This young man id standing on a sand bar too.  Looks like the middle of the river! I spoke with him and asked him if he was cold. He said only where he is wet. 


Finally The bridge opened. I was trying to figure out what was on the bridge. I will show you a close up.


It looks like a winter blanket. Maybe they just painted it and it needed to keep it warm.  Who knows..


After we passed under the bridge I got a sweet tooth.  Looking at this pontoon boat headed North.


Awe… Looks like father and son out enjoying their day.


They might be trying to reach these kayaker too they are only about 500 yards away.


What a way to enjoy your day fishing and kayaking. Doesn’t he look relaxed? 


We are coming up to the Harris Saxon Bridge; clearance is 68 Feet


After we passed under the bridge I noticed this grounded boat was still here from our last visit here.


Cayluna Laboe took the lead again..


Back on the bow.. only a bit cool.. I had hats and jackets made with our blog & boat name.


They are very warm jackets. This was out anniversary gift to each other.


Well as we cruised the now Indian River; we are cruising the New Smyrna area. We just loved our last visit here about 8 months ago. We anchored just south of the bridge by the channel marker. We went into town and had a delicious dinner. They also had an old time car show going on. I was so much fun. Just south there are more boats. Blue play? I think. I wonder how much longer it will be there? Where are the owners?????


Okay If you don’t read and follow the No wake sign, this bird will poop on your boat! Smile 


We saw dauphines playing.   Even a few baby ones.  This is an adult.  The little ones are so small.


Boy let me tell you the Indian River is very long.


How much to you want to bet this is a poopy area. Smile


I want a stand up board! But the question is: would I use it. I think so.


Here is yet another maybe permeant vessel. What a name. 


Look just like children these dauphines are have fun.


This big guy (Dolphin) was having a hoot of a time.


I was being entertained by the wild life. Pelicans are my favorite bird down here.  Bryce says, “only a mother could love that face”.


Bird on a post drying their feathers. These are diving birds and we all ways see them drying out.


We were taken over by Peregrine they seemed like a nice people.


We came upon the Haul-over Canal Bridge.  We had a train of three sailboats.


23 feet clearance Don’t think any of us could fit under.


I call him “Bashful” he looks so shy 


We could help but noticed this vessel I call it the stinky boat. It smelled like a dozen out houses put together. 


Even after he past by her scent lingered on.


Well look at that. We made it to Titusville We anchored on the other side of the RR bridge.


Bless this man. We have a date with another couple on shore.  Steve and Judy; they are a couple who live on their boat. They Cruise all over The ICW. I think they have been on their boat 16 years now. Any ways, I got side tracked.  Bryce tried to start the little motor and without fail, it would not start. About a 1/2 hour or so he got her started.  We were able to keep out date.  Bryce said the egine was hydro-locked with oil and the float bowl was filled with oil from the engine setting on its wrong side.


He guided us into Titusville city dock by dingy after clearing out the engine.


We just found out that Steve and Judy just celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary: Congratulations. You are a special couple. We had a fabulous time as always.   Till we meet a gain safe journey & Merry Christmas


We almost had a hitch-hiker on our way back from a lovely dinner.


What a great day it was. Thank you for following us. Red rose

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