Titusville to Melbourne

We are trying to make Marathon FL by Christmas.  After Marathon, we will head to the Bahamas. Then back up this way.  According to WindAlert, We are going to be getting some undesirable winds coming in this Thursday and Friday. What that means for us is the loss of two days travel. We will make up for it over the weekend. Cruising the ICW is a blast for us. However we will slip out into the Atlantic over the weekend to make up for lost time. 

These are WindAlert  forecast for Thursday and Friday so we are trying to decide where to hole up. 


This is Fridays forecast. Not a pretty picture.


We went in to City Dock Marina for fuel then headed out. This is the mooring field; they appeared to be full.  We anchored just North of the mooring field where we anchored on previous trips. It was a good anchorage. The pump out is separate from the gas docks. The wind was a bit strong to have to try and tie up at another dock (likely we were lazy) so I had to forgo a pump-out. It was no big deal; I really didn’t need one; but I just thought that it was odd to have to move to another dock.


So far we haven’t had any issues with the bridge openings or bridge clearance.  I think what I like about the ICW is all of the many different things to do. Towns to visit; people to meet.


Cocoa area.. I waved hello to my brother Joe, his wife Evelyn, Janette and Katie as we passed by. See you in the Spring Smile


Our Niece Katie-Did (that is her nick name) LOL Works at Ryan’s Hello Katie-Did……Red heart  If you are thinking about stopping here it is a really cute area.


Now me.. I am just sitting on deck watching the birds go by. I didn’t see and dolphins today.  Maybe because we are not by an inlet.


Right around 2:30 p.m. I noticed the moon. Our light of the night is shinning during the day. On the ICW we don’t travel at night; too many crab pots.


Well, as you can see my Captain is enjoying the view too.  Motor sailing with a light wind.


Here are our anchorages. We normally post on Active Captain but having password issues. But we post on https://trackmytour.com/2p4qC  So if you’re ever interested you are welcome to view our map.


Okay, I have a joke: Which holiday mascot has the least spare change? 

Answer: St. Nickel-less Smile

Thanks for following our blog. Red rose

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