Oleta State Park, Miami, FL

What a cool State Park. We enjoyed our anchorage here. The bottom was sandy and it held our anchor well. The following morning I contacted our oldest granddaughter Hannah. who is on Spring break in Miami with a few Girlfriends.  What a delightful day we had. We are working our way back up the ICW checking out areas we haven’t seen.

Jess, Kai, Hannah We are anchored in front of the beach that you see behind girls.


Alex is Kai’s father who brought the girls over to see us.  We were anchored in Oleta Bay State Park. We gabbed for a few hours and gobbled a plate of brownies and Reese’s Peanut butter cups.  We had a great conversation with Alex.  We would have loved to spend more time with Alex and his wife.


The girls enjoyed the water.  We inflated our dingy and two floating chairs.  They rowed all over the bay.


Bryce is fascinated by this boat.  It appears to be a 30 foot trailer-able boat.


LOL This small table cloth is fun when you want to doodle. It came with a set of markers to color with.  The girls did a great job coloring in the pictures.  After the party is over you wash the table cloth and all the markers come out.  Then it’s ready for the next party.


While the girls were out wandering around the bay on dingy and tubes, they were asked if we were in Marathon FL this past Dec & Jan. The girls really didn’t know but they came back and asked us. “Island Round” is the name of the Trawler of Jim & Donna.  They had heard about the BOLO out on us on our way to Andros. So we went over later that evening. But they were getting ready to eat. We spent a few minutes explaining the bolo.  


Thanks for following us! Red rose

One thought on “Oleta State Park, Miami, FL

  1. Hey there – always fun to get your updates. Would love to know more about the trailerable trawler. Ours is under construction!!! We are going to Gainesville to iron out a few details next week.
    Keep those cards and letters coming! Love you!


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