West Palm Beach- Lake Worth

Peanut Island

We are heading back up the ICW rather than jump out into the ocean.   Why, you might ask yourself?  We want to see things that we have missed such as anchorages and towns that we have not seen.  Normally on these trips we motor sail a lot. This year we have sailed more then motoring it has felt great.


Lately we have had high winds and just yesterday we had a storm move through. I must say it was the worst we have seen at anchorage in a while.  Bryce started the engine in preparation for any issues.  The winds clocked around as the storm passed through. We heeled heavily as the boat swung.  We are in a crowded anchorage and when the rain came in, we couldn’t see any boats around us. Bryce kept telling me the anchor was holding when the wind meter read 28,36,42,50,54, imageKnots which comes out to 60 miles an hour. I was praying that the other boaters anchored out here would not drag down on us.  Our little (well.. not really little) Danforth with out any chain came out a champion.

imageIf you remember at the beginning of this trip we lost all our chain along with our big Danforth anchor. In our many years of boating we have never used chain. Well, we have never had the need to. When we bought Beauty she came with chain so we used it. I think we dragged as much with chain as we did without it.   We noticed one boat dragged across the bay.. it was using a CQR.

While we were in West palm Beach we visited Peanut Island It is a cute Island made from dredging the ICW. In 1918 the inlet to the Port of Palm Beach was created. You can camp here swim and snorkel but don’t even think of bring any balloons here. Loggerhead Marine life Center and Palm Beach Country are committed to the prohibition of any balloons. Why you might ask? For the protection of the sea Turtles.

I took this photo in Hope Town Bahamas.  A big sea turtle coming up to look around.  But even in the Bahamas you might see balloons floating on the water.


image         Whale & Turtles are nibbling on all the plastics in our oceans and lakes. They are dying after swallowing objects from the ocean.   Remember the old sayings Put liter in the right place and keep America Beautiful? Please don’t let your balloons fly away. Lets save some ocean lives.

There is this awesome small craft boat dock area here at Peanut Island. You just have to be prepared for the shoaling at the entrance.


Patch (our jet ski) had no issue entering the area.


Bryce is on the ramp waiting for me to stop Lolli-gagging around.


While on peanut Island we walked along the paver brick path that leads you around the island. 


I have to show you this photo. This whole area is full with Mega Yachts. On the bow of this boat is a 40 or 50 foot fly bridge cruiser. On Starboard side is two more boats. I think we counted 5 boats on this private yacht. It’s crazy….lol


As we strolled this beautiful area we found an old Coastguard Station. 


This was really a scenic walk. 


The shoreline of Peanut Island was full of boats anchored off it. The beaches were getting crowded with sun bathers and swimmers.


Throughout the island we see these huts with picnic tables.  This is a great place to visit if you are in the West Palm Beach area. Unfortunately you can only get to Peanut Island by boat. There are local marinas that will take you there by ferry.


The red dots indicates our anchorages. I have been asked about the different places to anchor off the ICW and Bahamas. This map will show you some great places to anchor. https://trackmytour.com/2p4qC 


This is the North part of Lake Worth where we are anchored till Thursday. It’s a great place with awesome holding for us up to nearly 60 mile an hour winds.

IMG_2152 (1)

As always thank you for following our little blogRed rose

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