Green Cove Springs to West Palm Beach 2019

Wahoo.. We are back!  Well with the new iPhone XR  my photos are not JPG. I finally had download a file converter to convert HEIC to JPG.  We have already left Green Cove Springs. When we approached the area in Jacksonville Fl where we could motor the ICW, we decided to Sail the Atlantic from Jacksonville to Cape Canaveral Fl. It was an all night sail and a good one at that. The further South we went the warmer the air temp and water got. It was just an amazing night.

Anyways, I now have photos I can post! So here is a little bit to the start of our journey.

After we said hello to the birds, Bryce radioed ahead to the train East Coast Railroad Bridge for an opening.  The railroad bridge operator said it would be a few minutes.  They had to move an engine.  This is the engine. Pretty cool


Normally this railroad bridge stays open. but they had an engine sitting on it and they had to move it before it could be opened for us.


Did you know that Maxwell house Coffee is produced in three states and that it’s a Kraft Brand? The three locations are Houston,Texas, Jacksonville, Florida, and San Leandro California. The original Jacksonville plant was built in 1910. This is a cool fact: did you also know that the coffee bean comes in by ship and sent to a facility on the Westside of Jacksonville for cleaning and blending then move to the plant here for roasting and grinding and packing then it gets shipped back to  Westside warehouse for distribution just a cool fun facts. lol We drink a lot of Maxwell house coffee. Smile


Look how awesome these murals are. Apparently an international artist painted these murals in hope they would send a message of unity.   They tower 150 feet over the shipyard on the St. John River.


I like watching the birds flying around the fishing boats looking for food.


These tug boats are so cool. they can hit you with a huge wake.


I don’t think I have ever seen such a fancy gravel storage  area. 


As we cruised the St.John River still near Jacksonville we saw this huge freighter loading or unloading boat to other states or country’s.  

boats on frightor

As we made it out of the inlet we put Beauty in to the wind and raised her sails wing on wing.   We were catching the North wide to go south.


We are so much enjoying this awesome weather.


George is very happy to be back on his winter journey.  He has a new George Towel..


Well, After a great sail out on the ocean, we came in and are traveling the ICW till we get the right winds to go back out. We just anchored back in at West Palm Beach. From here we will travel South till we can get out into the Atlantic to sail to Marathon Keys. 

Hey, want to see what Bryce did? I know you do. LOL

We have our first flag flying Smile


Every night after work he came home and worked on the new cushions for Beauty.


This one wasn’t finished but jus wanted to show it.


This is how she looks inside now; so much nicer than the blue.


You can see our route on the map at

Well, thanks for following us Red rose Talk soon

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