Cruising The ICW Between West Palm Beach Boca Raton, Florida

While we wait for the wind to change we are cruising the Intra Coastal Waterway, other wise known  as the ICW.  One thing about this part of the ICW:  there sure are a lot of bridges.  The trick in transiting the bridges without having to idle and fight the wind and current is to carefully time the bridge openings.  We set the route from one bridge to the next on the GPS.  The GPS gives us the arrival time to the center span of the bridge based on our speed.  We  do this according to the time of when the bridge opens. It works well for us, we rarely wait.

This is the SR 80/Southern Blvd Bridge. This bridge spans over the intracoastal Waterway between Lake Worth Lagoon and West Palm Beach. The new bridge over the water way here will be a drawbridge.  We were hoping for 65 foot bridges.  lol The top photo shows the bridge starting to open and the bottom shows it full open. This is the temporary bridge till the new ones are built.


This is the Delray Beach Bridge. One of the prettiest bridges.


coming upon the Delray Bridge from the North heading South, you will notice on your Starboard side a place to fuel up.  And if you are hungry, the Two George’s restaurant and the Banana Boat restaurant.  George perked up when we mentioned this restaurant.  


George is just enjoying his ride. It’s hard to believe he is 14 years old.  In this picture, he is safe in his blanket.


This is by far the pretties decorated Christmas house on the ICW so far.  Cool gingerbread house.


After traveling on the ICW and passing under 12 bridges we finally made an anchorage in Lake Boca Raton. This was our view as we were sipping our evening coffee watching the clouds and full moon.  Enjoying the warm 77 degree light breeze. 


You can see our map location at


Thanks for reading and following our blog. Red rose

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