Sunrise Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Fl

We are sitting here in Fort Lauderdale Florida waiting for the right winds to come in.  Hopefully that will be today.  We are planning on going out into the ocean and heading to the keys to celebrate the holidays.  I am sure most of you have had a night where you just could not sleep. Tonight was my night, I just went to sleep way to early; now I am up typing talking to you and listening to the manatees swim around the boat.  George is loves watching them swim in the dark. 

I lost count on all the bridges we went through Thursday.  We made excellent timing, but we had to deal with a crabby bridge operator on one bridge.  One thing we learned you better say and pronounce the correct name of the bridge or you will get scolded.   


As we approached the bridge the photo above I was trying to figure out what it said. Look it says Welcome to Fort Lauderdale. Oh you might not know this, but when I was packing up things to bring; I must have removed something that we needed. I removed the binoculars and forgot to repack them.  They are sitting on the foyer table at home. I will have to order a new pair soon. lol 


More homes are decorating for the holidays along the ICW.


This is Tin Lizzy an aluminum boat. The owners are from Germany or at least they fly the German flag. We are in Sunrise Bay not far from the next bridge.  We will only have two bridges today as we head out the inlet toward the ocean.


As we sat on the bow as we normally do drinking our coffee we noticed several big boats go by; decorated for the season.


Okay see the smile on Bryce’s face?  Well let me tell you; when we left Green Cove Springs we thought we were good to go.  We did not realize the dinghy motor was not running and we have a leak in one of our hydraulic hoses on the lift.  We were trapped on the boat with no way off.  Bryce took the engine apart and boy was the carburetor a mess!!!  A bit of cleaning; engine is running and Bryce is smiling. Me too Smile


Across from Sunrise Bay is Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. It is a really nice park.  You can dinghy over to the dock and enjoy the day. We did this in the Spring and we walked over to the ocean side.


Here is a map of our trip so far at


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8 thoughts on “Sunrise Bay, Fort Lauderdale, Fl

  1. If you are able to delay your departure a day, Sunrise Bay is the best place to watch the huge and amazing Ft Lauderdale Boat Parade tonight, December 14.

    We have watched it twice while anchored there. This year we are up the New River.

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  2. I met you in Kentucky three or four years ago. I’m headed to Fort Lauderdale tomorrow…driving in. Taking a cruise ship at 5pm. I will look for your sailboat.


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