Sailing from Ft. Lauderdale to Marathon Florida Keys

I must say, I was very apprehensive about going out in to the ocean on Saturday; day after the Friday the 13 and a Friday that was windy. The weather map called for perfect winds to sail down to Marathon on. WSW 12-15 MPH. However, at first glance or first approach to the open waters I was ready to head back into Fort Lauderdale. It was a mixing bowl and I was in it. Bryce said lets just get the sails up and see what happens. Well, of course he was right. She grabbed the wind and off we went they were gusting up to 26 mph. The weather wasn’t as nice as they said it would be but it ended up a great day/night sail over a 130 miles without engine noise…(PERFECT).

Heading down the ICW we had 4 more bridges to pass under before the inlet at Port Everglades. Why they call it an inlet I don’t know LOL it’s also an outlet Be right back


This was a funny looking building to me. I think it is a marina.


Okay sails are up; we are out of the Fort Lauderdale inlet. Don’t you just love how hard it is to capture the eyes view with a camera.  The winds are brisk at 15-23 mph, but the waves are not large because the winds are from the shore.  Waves are typically 1-2 feet, with an occasional  3-4 footer.  We are zipping along at 7-10 mph.


North Miami is in view. Bryce said we could go into Mimi if I want to and wait for a bit smoother window.   I said Heck no I am loving this now..  He said it will settle a bit when we get in the protection of the Hawk Channel in the Keys.


Yep.. I am getting brave that is what a few beers due to me..LOL


I just love the wind in my hair. Maybe it will help it grow…


We made it into Hawk Channel just before dusk. We were glad we had wind because this is one channel we don’t like to motor at night due to the crab pots.  For those that don’t know, crab pots are small cages on the sea floor that capture crabs. The cages are connected by lines to small round floats on the surface.  The lines can get tangled in your propeller if you snag one.  These floats are nearly impossible to see at night.  So we only sale at night near the Florida coast.


Day break.. Good morning from Beauty.  Red sky in morning sailor be warned? Marathon here we come. I pray they will have an open mooring ball for us.


As daylight approached it was getting time to pull down our sails to head into Boot Key Harbor (Vaca Key, Florida). What a surprise to fine a dead fish on deck. Bryce tried to give it to George but he only sniffed it. I think he thought we would fillet it for him…lol Bryce put it back into the ocean. 


OMG!!!! We were so blessed; they had a mooring ball for us: C-14. I was so happy I couldn’t get the smile off my face all day. It has been 12 days since my feet has felt shore. I know that isn’t a long time for some of you.  We have been rushing down the Florida coast to get to the warmth of the Keys.  We did what we had to do;  getting trash off the boat and going in to pay. Then we came back and took a five hour nap. lol


After our 5 hour nap and a warm shower it was dinner time. Bryce wants to have dinner with the octopus & friends at the Overseas restaurant. 


He also visited the mermaid too we will call her busty.. Smile


Careful, Bryce you are wasting a good beer..LOL Shirley & Jim we thought of you two.


Well, we made it to Home Depot after a great dinner with 5 minutes before closing. It was a nice walk.  We will be here for a month or so. We are hoping to second coat the top deck paint with non slip again. I still loving the gray. Marathon is our place to repair simple things like leaky window seals. I want to remove the skylights and replace them with tinted skylights and of course a few other things to do on our list. We are still trying to decide where to go next.

Check where we are at:


Thanks for following us. Talk soonRed rose

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